See how to make what might be the cutest rice ball ever  

Now, we all know how hard it is to resist round cuddly creatures with big eyes, don’t we? So it’s really not surprising that plenty of people both in Japan and worldwide who saw Star Wars: the Last Jedi have been captivated by the winged critters known as “Porgs” that appeared in the movie.

While some Star Wars fans may insist that these fictional sea-birds are nothing more than another way for Disney to sell more merchandise, many have also claimed the Porgs to be uniquely and utterly adorable, with their large black eyes and fluffy feathers. And if (like this writer) you fall into the latter category, we’re sure you’ll be delighted with this video shared on the Disney Parks YouTube channel  featuring a huge Porg rice ball served up in a bento box!

The Porg rice ball bento is the creation of American food artist and Disney fan Mike Kravanis, and in the video he shows how he creates an amazing Porg likeness out of rice, seaweed, black olives and sesame seeds.

Kravanis uses both regular white rice and sushi (vinegared) rice to make the Porg riceball, in a somewhat egg-like shape. He then uses various cookie-cutters to create the different facial parts and wings out of flattened mounds of rice. Nori seaweed is used for the mouth while black olives are placed as the eyes and two sesame seeds as the nostrils. Sesame seeds are also used to color the Porg’s wings.  Soy sauce is dabbed onto the top of the head as well as a sprinkling of sesame seeds to give the head a brown color.  Little feet made of carrots are also added, and you now have a Porg rice ball ready to be presented in a bento box!

So, how do you like the finished Porg riceball? We think it looks pretty awesome for something made of such simple ingredients! One thing we couldn’t help but notice is that the riceball is awfully big, and you’re not going to be able to close the bento box if you make it in this size. It’s certainly cute to look at, though!

Here’s the video showing the entire process of making the Porg riceball bento. It may take some (or rather, lots of) skill to create and place all the parts just right, but it sure looks like great fun.

In the video, Kravanis recommends serving the riceball with some curry, which actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea. In fact, since it’s practically just rice and sesame seeds, it should probably go well with mostly any main dish.

Kravanis shares many other beautiful Disney-themed bentos on his Instagram page as user @omgiri, so make sure to check that out as well for more delectable and adorable images!

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Source: YouTube/ Disney Parks, Disney Parks Blog

Images: YouTube/ Disney Parks

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