nose hair

Man arrested for robbing Tokyo convenience store with nose hair trimmer

Adorable weapon choice was not the only misstep by this would-be bandit.

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Japanese smartphone attachment trims your nose hairs, makes you the saddest man on Earth

The look of a man clipping away the last pieces of himself that are still alive.

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Nose hair is one of the stranger parts of our bodies. While we imagine it plays an important role in our physiological functions, it’s also kind of…really gross. As P.K., a writer for the Japanese side of RocketNews24, points out, no matter how sexy a guy is, if he has a bunch of nose hair poking out of his nostrils, there’s a good chance he’ll have trouble getting a date.

But fear not, bushy-nosed readers! Help is here in the form of GOSSO, the nose hair pullers! But do they actually work? And will you actually want to use them? Well, find out what our brave Japanese writers thought of the product below!

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