Nose hair is one of the stranger parts of our bodies. While we imagine it plays an important role in our physiological functions, it’s also kind of…really gross. As P.K., a writer for the Japanese side of RocketNews24, points out, no matter how sexy a guy is, if he has a bunch of nose hair poking out of his nostrils, there’s a good chance he’ll have trouble getting a date.

But fear not, bushy-nosed readers! Help is here in the form of GOSSO, the nose hair pullers! But do they actually work? And will you actually want to use them? Well, find out what our brave Japanese writers thought of the product below!


It seems that GOSSO nose hair pullers are fairly easy to use. First, you dip the ends of the white sticks in some Brazilian wax that’s been melted in a microwave (as pictured below). That is exactly how we never want to prepare an object intended to go inside an orifice, but the next step is to stuff the wax-covered sticks in your nose, one for each nostril. Then, once the wax hardens, it’s a simple matter of yanking them out!


Wait, what?!

Yeah, that’s right, you’re literally giving the insides of your nostrils a Brazilian wax with the GOSSO nose hair pullers. So, you’d imagine it would be a painful, horrible, miserable, no-good experience. But our Japanese writers wouldn’t necessarily agree with that assessment! Some of them even said the pullers and wax felt pretty good in their noses, at least until they got to the part where the pullers (and nose hair) were ripped out.

For one thing, GOSSO is impressively effective. We’re not trying to be gross here, but it seems that the sticks are able to pluck out a good amount of nose hair! Just look at some of these photos.

▼ Honestly, we’re not trying to be gross!


▼ The wax didn’t cool properly for one side. Typical Wasai! Always messing something up.


Actually, it turns out it wasn’t Wasai’s fault — the wax cools rather quickly, so you’ll need to be fast about shoving it in your schnoz or you won’t be able to get all those nasty nose hairs out of your nostrils. When you’re playing with hot wax, there’s no time to get cold feet!

P.K. was the first one to take the plunge and yank the GOSSO sticks out of his nose. While he assured us that it certainly hurt, he was so impressed with how much hair it ripped out that he quickly forgot about the stinging. The other testers had similar reactions, though they also found that you need to be careful about how much wax you use. If you get too much, it’ll run down your face and cause a huge mess, so use sparingly!

▼ Somehow, the cover of this package does not inspire confidence…


Of course, by now, you may be wondering who had the hairiest nose. Though our first guess was that it would be P.K., because he just seems like that kind of guy, it was actually our globetrotting Go! Okay, maybe you weren’t wondering, but now you know.

▼ And knowing is half the battle!


They’ve even selected a new nickname for our well-traveled friend, and it isn’t Lion, as we’re sure he hoped. Instead, henceforth, he will be known as Mo (毛), the Japanese word for hair. An honor for him, we’re sure.

So, if you have a bit too much nose hair and you’re sick of using those pesky trimmers, GOSSO looks like the solution you’ve been seeking! Maybe? We’re not entirely sure, because there’s no way we’ll be trying this product ourselves, but we think you can trust our Japanese writers!

Reference: Facebook/GOSSO
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