”Cats and shoji” have basically become the “Mustangs and cars and coffee” of Japan.

Are cats competitive creatures? Sure, they’re not known for their cooperative tendencies, but when they see another kitty doing something impressive, does it trigger some sort of latent one-upmanship, or, more accurately, one-upcatship?

It would certainly explain why feline pets in Japan keep coming up with increasingly impressive ways to destroy their owner’s shoji, or traditional sliding paper doors. Now throwing their hats into the ring are the cats owned by Japanese Twitter user @kokonananya. In the past, we’ve seen some of @kokonananya’s animal wards dozing peacefully, but this week they decided to put their destructive skills to use instead.

“This is what I was afraid would happen,” said @kokonananya wryly. Online commenters chimed in with:

“Well, that’s a dramatic way of saying hello.”
“What a cat-astrophe.”
“Yep, cat’s will do this.”
“You can’t even get made at them for it.”
“Looks like they’re really enjoying themselves.”

Considering that @kokonananya took the time to snap and share the photo, we’re guessing she’s not too upset at over her pets’ unilateral decision to redecorate her home. Still, it’s probably a good thing that at least one of her cats knows how to apologize Japanese-style.

Source: Hamster Sokuho
Featured image: Twitter/@kokonananya

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