Japanese homes

Japanese company creates ultra-compact foldable electric fan

Clever design frees up more room for your winter storage.

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Buying a house in Tokyo? This town is giving away brand new homes to applicants in Japan

People are scrambling to get in on the exciting new housing scheme.

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Japanese university student wows Twitter with unique shoji paper sliding door calendar

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as punching out the days on these traditional paper doors.
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Latest Japanese lifehack shows how to store exercise balls … with nothing but a corner ceiling

It might look like magic, but these balls can actually be stored in the ceiling without the use of any racks, hooks or netting.

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Japan’s awesome, eco-friendly, old-school water heaters (and how to use them)

Japan may seem like a futuristic wonderland, what with its high-tech toilets and their array of functions that clean your bottom, heat your cheeks, and even provide sound effects to cover the natural ones that accompany your bathroom business. But technology is constantly evolving at a rapid rate, and each new innovation replaces something that used to be cutting-edge.

Case in point; every spring, thousands of young Japanese people leave home and move into their first, low-rent apartment to start school or a new job, and you can expect at least a couple will be shocked when they go to take a shower, discover this giant contraption next to the tub, and have no idea what it does.

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