Spicy chicken entrée is accompanied by a chilling side dish of J Horror.

Japan is a nation of social media-loving unabashed foodies, and so people are constantly trying, and snapping photos of, whatever the latest trendy food or flavor is. For the past several months, mint chocolate has had a strong hold on dessert fans, but the big thing in main dishes right now is dak-galbi, spicy Korean-style stir-fried chicken, all covered with cheese.

That’s what the friend of Japanese Twitter user @handmadesiyouzu, and the friend’s daughter, dined on for dinner recently. The father decided to snap a photo of the platter, and to make sure the yellow of the cheese, the red of the spices, and the green of the vegetables really popped, he used a photo filter app called Foodie. And to the program’s credit, it really did dial up the intensity. Just look at that vibrant pile of chicken…

…provided, of course, you can look at the picture without the terrifying ghost girl in the upper left corner making you cover your eyes in fear!

Apparently whatever color-adjusting protocols Foodie uses for food don’t work nearly as well on people. So while the cheese dak-galbi looks so colorful in the photo that you feel like you could reach out and grab a bite, the automatic alterations made to the friend’s daughter will have you feeling like she’s going to reach out and grab your soul.

“All I can see her as is a vengeful spirit,” quipped @handmadesiyouzu as he tweeted the photo. Other commenters offered their own takes:

“I’m sure she ordinarily looks really cute, and that just makes the picture even scarier.”
“Ah, it’s one of those long-haired ghosts, just like in the movies.”
“Wait, you’re sure your friend actually has a daughter, right?”
“She looks totally merciless…”
“Why is she haunting the cheese dak-galbi?”

Still, we can’t argue with the fact that Foodie does a fine job of making food look tasty. If you’re using it, though, you might want to make sure you don’t have any of your fellow diners in-frame, though, unless you’re also looking to take some Halloween or otherwise horror-themed cosplay pictures at the same time.

Source: Twitter/@handmadesiyouzu via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@handmadesiyouzu