Hilarity then ensues as she tries to prove her mortal state of living

17-year-old Meiri Asahina (@meiri_asahina) is much like dozens of other Japanese idols in that she enjoys singing, dancing, and also dabbling in acting and modeling.

▼ Meiri Asahina


What sets Asahina apart from her peers, however, is that she’s truly out of this world…perhaps a little too literally.

It all started the other day when she posted a pair of photos on Twitter that have made others doubt her very humanity. What was supposed to be an adorably pure photo shoot turned into something more like a scene from a horror flick. Take a look below:

“I thought it would be magically cute to wear my pure-white dress on the swing. Instead it’s just another spirit photograph. I’m never doing that again.”

Yikes! That blurred motion does indeed resemble nothing short of a ghost. They’re the kind of unplanned photos that you couldn’t get if you tried a hundred times…

Net users poked fun at her in an affectionate way:

“Wow, that’s an amazing physic photo. By the way, who’s that on the swing next to you?”
“Yep, this definitely calls for an exorcism.”
“Such a cute ghost. I want to seal you up and keep you by my side~”
“Meiri-sama…you’ve definitely been a vampire or werewolf character, but in reality, you’re a beautiful angel and hardworking idol!”

She even scored her very own fan art from one follower:

“I’m telling you, I’m not a ghost!”

With all of the comments about her supposed lack of humanity, Meiri then took matters into her own hands by assuring fans that she wasn’t actually undead, though she also posted a hazy photo that didn’t really help her case.

▼ “Ah, I’m part of the idol groups Iroha Sakura and Ellis et Campanule…I’m a living idol. I’m not a ghost…I was also in the film ‘Te no hira ni komete’–it’s wonderful, so you should check it out…I’m not a ghost…thank you for your support.”

One thing’s for certain–if we had to be haunted by something, we’d much rather it be by Asahina than this highway ghost!

Source: Twitter/@meiri_asahina via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Pakutaso
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