Thanks to several items outfitted with self-parking systems, we get a glimpse into the future of Japanese hospitality.

No trip to Japan is complete without spending a night in a high-class ryokan, or traditional Japanese inn. They certainly don’t come cheap, but choose a good one and it’ll guarantee you an experience like no other.

In an effort to revolutionize the Japanese inn experience, Nissan has collaborated with a ryokan in the mountainous hot spring resort of Hakone in an exhilarating fusion of technology and tradition. By taking the self-parking technology of cars and incorporating it into household items, customers won’t have to worry about leaving a mess anymore.

▼ Is this the future of Japanese ryokan?

Indoor slippers are equipped with wheels and Nissan’s intelligent parking system, which lets scattered footwear sense their surroundings and move them back into a neat row, much like how self-parking cars behave.

▼ It’ll come in handy for customers unfamiliar with Japan’s customs.

Even the tables, cushions and TV remote found in rooms receive the awesome technology upgrade, sliding back into predetermined positions with just a simple click of a button.

▼ In Japan, even the rooms tidy up after themselves.

The pilot project runs over two days from 24 March to 25 March at Tonosawa Ichinoyu Honkan, allowing you to experience what’s it like to have slippers and other items slide around on their own.

Not everyone is able to participate unfortunately, as only two lucky winners of a draw will be chosen. Interested individuals who have a Japanese address have until 10 February to follow @Nissan and tweet the hashtags “#PPP旅館 #wanttostay” to be eligible.

While this is merely a short pilot project on how technology can be used to improve the ryokan experience, it could very well turn into something more permanent in the near future. Making things park by themselves isn’t a first for Nissan, as they’ve already created awesome sliding chairs suitable for office use.

Source: YouTube/Nissan, Pro Pilot Park Ryokan via Japaaaan
Images: YouTube/Nissan