There’s no doubt as to which gender the group is trying to attract.

Adult videos actresses are sometimes stigmatized by Japanese society, a complication which has led to new guidelines being pushed out to protect them after leaving the trade.

But not for newest K-pop group Honey Popcorn which unabashedly proclaims that all three members are Japanese adult video (JAV) stars. The news blazed through the Internet when Yua Mikami, former member of the mega girl-group SKE48, announced recently on her Instagram that her idol group will be debuting very soon.

▼ As soon as 14 March in South Korea, as a matter of fact
(translation below).

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[HONEY POPCORN]🍯🍿 DEBUT SHOWCASE – 허니팝콘이 데뷔 쇼케이스를 진행합니다. 쇼케이스 공연 중, 추첨을 통해 싸인CD·사진 촬영 이벤트를 진행할 예정이오니 함께 즐거운 시간 보내요! :-) – *Ticket Open 2018.03.07 ‪❤️重大なお知らせ❤️‪ . 私も含め、松田美子ちゃん、桜もこちゃんと3人でデビューすることが決まりました!‬ ‪ずっと言いたかったことやっと発表できた☺️‬ ‪とても難しい世界だとは思いますがやるからには一生懸命頑張りたいと思います🙇‍♂️‬ ‪3/14に韓国でショーケースがあります!デビュー記念イベントみたいな感じです☺️. 日本の方は難しいかもしれないけどできるだけ多くのゆあーずに見にきてほしいです🙇‍♂️💓💓 . ショーケースの内容は曲を披露したり抽選でサインCD・写真撮影イベントを行う予定ですので一緒に楽しい時間を過ごしましょう💭 . グループ名は「#HONEYPOPCORN 🍯🍿」 です🐝 . 突然の発表で驚かせてしまったかもしれませんが、応援してくれてる皆さんが喜んでくれるような活動していきたいと思ってるのでこれからも付いて来てくれたら嬉しいです😚 #HONEYPOPCORN #DEBUT #SHOCASE #허니팝콘 #쇼케이스 #미카미유아 #사쿠라모코 #마츠다미코

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“It’s been decided that Miko Matsuda, Sakura Moko and I will be debuting! I’m glad I could finally announce this, and though it’ll be a harsh industry, we’ll give it all our best. There will be a showcase in South Korea on 14 March, something like a debut commemoration event of sorts. It might be difficult for Japanese fans, but I hope to see as many of you as possible.

We’ll have a performance, as well as lottery-based CD signing and photography sessions, so let’s have a wonderful time together. Our group’s name is Honey Popcorn.

Sorry for surprising you guys with this announcement, but we really want to make all of you who have cheered us on happy, so we’d be happy if you could join us.”

Joining Yua are Okada Risako and Ito Yuu, who are former members of NMB48 and Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome respectively.

▼ Yua and her two well-rounded partners
will be a force to be reckoned with.

▼ Ito will inject some sisterly cuteness…

▼ …while Okada charms the audience
with schoolgirl-like innocence.

Even though their announcement drew some flak from a vocal minority of fans, most hope for their debut success. They are returning to their idol group roots after all, and if a fellow JAV actress can steamroll her way back to competitive snowboarding, Honey Popcorn sure can succeed too.

Source: Instagram/yua_mikami via NextShark
Featured image: Instagram/yua_mikami