From love hotels to 7-Eleven carparks, some of these first-date experiences are truly mind-boggling.

For singles around the world, asking someone out on a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, once your crush agrees to go on a date with you, the effort shouldn’t stop there, as the topic of what to do and where to go remains a major factor in making a good first impression and securing a second date on your journey towards true love.

Still, it seems that some men need to take lessons in dating etiquette 101, according to a recent thread on Japanese site Girls Channel. Discussing the topic of unbelievable first dates, the comments being left by Japanese women are truly mind-boggling, with some of the worst experiences involving love hotels and carparks. Let’s take a look at some of their worst dates below.

Carpark Dates

A surprising number of women said they had the experience of being picked up in a car by their suitor, assuming they were going to go on a romantic drive somewhere, only to find themselves sitting in a store carpark instead.

“I met up with my date at a carpark near my house, but when I got in the car, we didn’t go anywhere and he just talked to me in the car for two hours. I was thirsty and hungry, so I ended up saying bye and just leaving. I couldn’t believe it!”

“I thought I was going on a ‘drive date’ but we ended up in the carpark of a convenience store. He went inside and bought himself a bento and got me some onigiri rice balls and then we sat in the car there, eating in dead silence. I was young so I didn’t say anything at the time but when I look back on it now, I can’t believe it happened.”

“The same thing happened to me! I thought we were going on a lovey-dovey drive date with a nice dinner, but instead I ended up eating a sandwich from 7-Eleven in the carpark. I wasn’t young though – this happened when I was over 40!”

Private Rooms at Love Hotels or Manga/Internet Cafes

A “manga kissa” (short for “manga kissaten”, or “manga cafe”) often offers private booths or rooms, where customers can pay by the hour to read manga, scour the Internet, or doze off, away from prying eyes. Nowadays, some customers have been known to use these private booths for sex with partners, much like a no-frills love hotel, so it’s not the ideal destination for a first date!

“My first date took me to a manga kissa. Not only that, but it was a private room. Needless to say, I was shocked and ended the date immediately.”

“I went to a love hotel on a first date, with the guy saying it was just to watch movies.”

“I was asked out on a date and he took me to a love hotel. I couldn’t believe it. I’d never been out with him before and I never went out with him again.”

Home Centres

Big home centres are a fun place for couples and families to browse the aisles for goods to help mend or decorate their homes. When you’ve just met, though, a trip to a home centre is like a proposal to set up home together, so it’s best left for a later date.

“I remember when a date took me to a home centre to shop for home goods. Not only that, but he took me there on his bike in the pouring rain. That was not a good first date.”

“One time, when I hardly knew the guy, he took me to a home centre and when he asked the staff about something, they started asking him things like “When are you planning to build your house together?” That was awkward.”

“I know someone who went to a home centre on a first date, and it scared her off immediately.”

Family Restaurant Chains

A surprising number of men seem to think that a family restaurant is an ideal destination for a first date. When you’re looking to impress, though, the consensus is that you should steer clear of the brightly lit, cheap and basic family-centric restaurant chains and opt for more romantic dining choices instead.

”A guy took me on a first date to the Atagawa Tropical & Alligator Garden, and afterwards he asked me whether I preferred to go to Denny’s or Gusto, saying they had some promotion on at Denny’s but he had discount coupons for Gusto. I wasn’t interested in the Alligator Garden at all so that just topped off a dismal first date.”

“So many people I know have had to go on first dates at family restaurants. They’re full of schoolkids, so it’s fine if you’re going on a date in high school or something, but as an adult, you should be going to a different type of restaurant.”

“A family restaurant would’ve been a step up for my first date, which was at the eat-in counter at a Mini Stop convenience store. He bought me an ice cream and when I urged him to go somewhere else he said he’d buy me some fries as well.”

Judging by some of these first-date disasters, it’s evident that some men need to up their game when it comes to wining and dining their prospective partners. If you really do want to go cheap and take someone out for ramen, though, you might want to read up on five things to remember if you don’t want to blow your noodle date.

Source: Girls Channel via My Game News Flash
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