What color is your cup of tea? Well … bright blue, if you use these unique frog-shaped teabags from ocean-teabag!

Japanese teabag maker ocean-teabag, known for their ingeniously and artfully designed products, have released another teabag creation that not only gives you a refreshing drink but provides ample visual enjoyment as well.

We think you’ll agree that the teabag beautifully recreates the form of a frog. What’s more, the tea used in these bags turn a vibrant blue, making for a truly stunning image!

▼ June is the rainy season in Japan, when many frogs come out in the wet weather, so the teabag frog soaking in water actually makes for a nice seasonal motif this time of year.

What makes the tea even more attractive is that the blue color isn’t artificial, but is derived from the butterfly pea it contains. The ingredients in the tea also include spearmint and peppermint, so the tea is sure to taste refreshing as well.

▼ Just look at those dainty frog hands! It looks uncannily like a real frog when the teabag is placed up against the cup.

▼ Here’s what the teabags look like before they’re placed in water.

▼ The teabags come in colorfully illustrated individual packets.

The frog teabags are available in packages of 4 bags for a price of 1,820yen (US$16.50) from quirky merchandise retailer Village Vanguard or ocean-teabag’s website.

If you’re in Japan and able to purchase them, the frog teabags should make great gifts as they’re fun to look at and enjoyable as a drink. Plus, if you’re traveling, the teabags won’t be too heavy to carry around. We bet you never imagined you’d welcome a frog in your cup of tea!

Source: PR Times
Reference, Top image: ocean-teabag website 
Insert images: PR Times