Japanese Twitter users weigh in with their thoughts on the bizarre print and the fate of the frog who made it.

It’s not everyday you come across an animal-shaped print on a concrete walkway, so when Twitter user @masssssann found this unusual hole on the ground while out and about on his travels, he immediately took a few photos of it and shared it online, with the simple message “Eh?”

More than 60,000 social media users were equally intrigued by the perfectly shaped frog print, and while many of them expressed their condolences to the frog with a number of RIP messages, others came up with a number of reasons as to how it could have been made.

According to this Twitter user, either the frog: 1. Jumped onto the wet concrete after it was laid, or 2. It was there before the concrete, and got caught up in it when it was poured, either escaping or dying afterwards. Given the clean lines and details of the print, he tends to believe it was number 2 that occurred.

One other user pointed out that it’s unlikely the frog escaped, seeing as there are no frog footprints around the hole. This prompted another user to mention that the lack of footprints probably means it wouldn’t have been able to jump onto the concrete in the first place. According to this theory, the frog was likely to have been dropped onto the half-dried concrete by a large bird like a crow, in order to kill it, before picking it up again and flying off with the leggy meal.

The unusual find is continuing to attract attention and comments several days after it was posted online. What do you think of the concrete frog mystery? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Togech
Top Image: Twitter/@masssssann