They’re cute, and they’re pretty, but they’re also tough, and they will make you take no for an answer.

When it comes to cosplay, inspiration can come from characters of all mediums, and of all shapes and sizes. While many costumes involve cool props or beautiful fabrics, some involve less fabric and more skin, which inevitably leads some people to think they’re allowed to touch cosplayers without permission.

It’s a world-wide problem for the female cosplay community, but two beautiful cosplayers are taking a stand. While attending a recent convention, Twitter user and cosplayer @ALL_SSR posted a photo with a friend, @futa_free, showing off their cute costumes, but the complementing text is what made them go viral:

“Seriously, no matter how exposed a female cosplayer is, she, like many others, is not ‘that kind of girl’. Groping and molesting women is wrong.
If you really want to touch somebody’s boobs, come see us! We’ll let you cop a little feel. Just a little.
During the event only ♥”

It sounds like a dream come true for perverts, but there’s a catch: these cosplayers are actually male.

At first glance, the netizens look like cute cosplaying girls, although they might be somewhat flat-chested. Their make up is on point and their little animal ears are too cute for words. But on second glance, you can see that these ladies are actually gentlemen, and they’re packing some muscle, to boot! It’s hard to tell when you can only see their pretty faces, like in this shot:

Hopefully their muscles scared the pervy convention-goers into keeping their hands to themselves! This kind of attitude from the male community is just what female cosplayers need to start to feel safe at conventions, and the fact that it was a funny joke makes it even better! Netizens loved their tweet so much that it was liked and retweeted more than 100,000 times, and comments ranged from awe to arousal to amusement:

“I don’t think any men will touch your breasts once they see your muscles…But if I touch them I might ascend to heaven!”
“I really respect the training you’ve done!”
“Seriously?? Can I give them a squeeze?”
“I’d rather touch your abs than your boobs…lol”
“All-kun you are so cute!! Please let me touch your breasts!”
“Really? You’ll get people’s hopes up if you aren’t careful…”
“Your way of thinking is the best! And you being pretty is the cherry on top!”

@ALL_SSR, a makeup enthusiast, weight trainer, and guitarist, wasn’t expecting the tweet to go viral, so they’re a little embarrassed that they offered their breasts to the Internet. But they’re glad they got to spread their message, and that they were able to make people laugh at the same time.

▼ They’ll be waiting for you, perverts!

People sure are loving it! Perhaps the two of them should get together with the muscly Sailor Neptune cosplayer? I bet they’d make a great cosplay trio!

Source: Twitter/@ALL_SSR via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@ALL_SSR