Anime/manga legend Go Nagai’s ode to racy fun is immortalized in intimate apparel covering the span from cute to domineering.

Manga author Go Nagai has been in the comic-creating business for 50 years, and he was at the initial forefront of many visual and storytelling elements that have come to define the distinctive style of anime and manga. For instance, Nagai’s Cutie Honey (star of the franchise of the same name) was one of the very first manga heroines who was not only superpowered, but also unabashedly sexy.

As part of the ongoing celebration of Nagai’s five-decade career, this year saw the debut of Cutie Honey Universe, a modern reboot of the series. And since Cutie Honey has always been a symbol of risque fun, the new show has now in turn inspired three imaginative anime lingerie sets.

Since Cutie Honey herself is a transforming magical girl (which was still a relatively novel idea back when Cutie Honey debuted in 1973), the character is represented by two different lingerie sets. The first is based on her iconic post-transformation battle gear, with athletic-looking cords angling up from the low-rise waist band and a see-through section in the back. Also included are a white choker and arm bangle, matching the ones Honey sports in the anime.

The sexiness is dialed down a bit to allow a touch more cuteness into the mix for the Honey Kisaragi set, which salutes Cutie Honey’s “ordinary schoolgirl” secret identity and includes the red choker and bangle she wears when not actively fighting evil.

Finally, for those who like their lingerie both sexy and sinister, there’s a set for Sister Jill, Honey’s sadistic nemesis. Featuring a plunging gap between its cups and half-oval opening in back (adorned with a dainty lavender ribbon), Sister Jill’s lingerie also comes bundled with an eye mask patterned after her dominatrix-style mask/tiara.

All three sets are available online here from manufacturer Izumi Body Labo (the same company that previously offered that eye-catching Zodiac sign intimate apparel). Orders will be accepted between June 1 and 30, with each set priced at 6,264 yen (US$57). Shipping is scheduled for October, with selfies from buxom cosplayers expected soon after.

Sources: Izumi Body Labo, PR Times
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