There’s even a life-sized figurine of the star waiting to greet you in a push-up bra.

In Japan, roles traditionally reserved for humans are open for anime characters to fill as well. We’ve seen virtual YouTubers take over the Internet, along with virtual girlfriends and servants, and now it’s time for one of Japan’s most sultry 2-D anime characters to infiltrate the real world by modelling for the hugely popular Wacoal lingerie company.

The buxom character chosen to star in the campaign is Fujiko Mine, who first debuted in Monkey Punch’s manga series Lupin III back in 1967. Her name, which translates to “The Girl with Unparalleled Peaks“, is a less-than-subtle reference to the size of her breasts, which obviously worked in her favour when competing with other models to land the campaign.

The opening for the fourth anime incarnation of Lupin III, a 2012 series called The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, shows the star strutting around, confidently exposing her naked body to the world.

As a professional burglar who takes on a variety of different guises, Mine has thrilled viewers with a number of seductive looks over the years, and now, as the face – and body – of Wacoal’s Amphi lingerie brand, fans are getting an eyeful of the star again, this time in nothing but her underwear.

The centrepiece of the new collaboration is the “Glamour Rich Bra“, which pushes your breasts up to give you the same enviable cleavage as the sultry anime star. The bras come in five colours and two styles, and retail for 4,536 yen (US$42.76) each.

There are also matching shorts, pants and thongs, which range in price from 2,100-2,600 yen, plus tax.

Rounding off the collection is a sweet babydoll-style camisole, which comes in pink, black, grey, melon, or yellow, for 7,020 yen.

According to the company, the entire collection is designed to reflect Mine’s “smart and sexy” vibe, and as an added treat for fans, the star will be appearing in life-sized 167-centimetre (5.4-foot) high figurine form at Wacoal’s Marunouchi branch in Tokyo for a limited time.

The range goes on sale at Wacoal stores around Japan for a limited time from from 9 March. Given the lingerie company’s penchant for unusual marketing campaigns, it won’t be too long before they’re on to the next big thing, so make sure you get in quick if you want to get your hands on the current collection!

Source: PR Times
Featured image: YouTube/blogofthenorthstar
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