It’s like watching an awesome CGI movie.

Virtual YouTubers have been appearing at an unprecedented rate on the Japanese Internet, and though few come close to the popularity of Kizuna Ai, some newcomers seem to have the potential to topple the queen.

One such anime girl personality is Flavie. She might be late to the virtual YouTuber party, but this elegant blue-eyed girl has something that many of her peers lack: an extremely high-quality first video.

With a cute protagonist, smooth animation, an idyllic environment, and background music, one might even mistake it for a CGI trailer of an epic role-playing game.

▼ Take a look and see for yourself.

The video starts off with Flavie narrating about herself living in an ultimate utopia, where even the concept of time does not exist. A mysterious bunny-like creature with a ribbon then appears and chastens her for slacking off.

“Please do your job. If you don’t, this world will disappear.”

It seems Flavie is tasked with gleaning information from other worlds in order to maintain this paradise, a job that she constantly shies away from.

“I don’t want to work!”

After a heated exchange, the bunny sends Flavie off to Osaka’s Namba Station. There, she stumbles into a bar and attempts to order the longest Starbucks order possible: Venti double shot hazelnut vanilla almond caramel chocolate chip cream frappuccino with caramel and mocha sauce and extra whipped cream.

▼ Except that the bar wasn’t Starbucks of course.

Although the video ends shortly after that, Japanese netizens were floored by Flavie’s first video:

“An awesome virtual YouTuber has appeared again!”
“The quality is so high and her voice is beautiful.”
“What’s with this quality? It’s terrific! Is she really from another world?”
“Wow! I’ll be rooting for her.”
“Fantastic! I thought I was watching a movie.”

Virtual YouTuber videos tend to be a one-man effort, and if that’s the case for Flavie, it truly is an impressive feat. Between top quality episodes from her and cute virtual idols able to speak fluent English, fans of such personalities have a lot to choose from.

Source: YouTube/VN Flavie via Otapol
Images: YouTube/VN Flavie