These counterparts of Kizuna AI no longer look like her – in their own awesome ways!

A lot has been going down in the A.I.Channel world, a YouTube channel that features popular virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI and her lookalike counterparts Love-chan and Aipii. First, there was the announcement that Love-chan and Aipii were going to break away from the main A.I.Channel and form their own duo called the love-pii channel. Now, these twins of Kizuna AI have gotten a complete makeover.

Their new looks were unveiled on June 13th, so you may have already seen them! But if you haven’t, we’re here to tell you the deets. First up, let’s start with the lovely Love-chan. She’s transformed into a dreamy, pink-haired avatar with a white-and-pale blue color palette. Her eyes now match the hashtag earring dangling from her right ear, and a heart pinned to her bodice completes the outfit.

▼ She looks like something straight out of a fantasy anime!

Next up is Aipii. She’s rocking a more neon palette with her yellow and white clothes, and her eyes also match her yellow asterisk earring. Her look is decidedly more casual, and her short blue hair gives off a cute tomboy vibe. Like Love-chan, she has a heart pinned to the center of her chest.

▼ Even though their sense of fashion is totally different, you can tell they’re related.

The art for both looks was done by artist komizuki, who’s mentioned in the Tweets above as @Koh_rd. Love-chan and Aipii made their livestream debut for fans on June 15th, and they’ve started uploading music-related videos with their new look.

▼ Here’s the livestream where they showed off their new looks for the first time (warning: it’s over an hour long).

We bet fans are excited to see where the pair will end up! We know that Japanese netizens sure are. Here’s what they had to say when the illustrations were first unveiled:

“So they’re becoming completely different people??”
“Aipii looks so boyish! Soooo cuuute!”
“S-so cute! Love-chan looks great as a sophisticated older sister figure.”
“It’s like Kizuna AI 2 and 3 have fulfilled their roles with Kizuna AI and are reincarnating as something totally new…I think it’s awesome.”

Videos will be uploaded to the love-pii channel regularly, so keep your eyes peeled for more of the new duet! Maybe they’ll release their own fragrances, too.

Source: Hachima Kikou
Top image: YouTube/love-pii channel
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