Saint Seiya

Meet Jesus and Buddha In Live-Action “Saint Young Men” VR

This is probably not what people mean when they talk about “coming home to Jesus,” but we don’t care.

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Anime Saint Seiya gets live-action “Hollywood” film adaptation, but will U.S. moviegoers care?

Series was phenomenally popular in Japan and Latin America, but will English-speaking audiences show up?

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Take a peek at these epic Sailor Moon x Saint Seiya fan art pieces!

One artist’s crossover artwork featuring the Sailor Scouts in Saint Seika-style costumes is currently going viral—and it’s easy to see why!

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Feel your inner Cosmo at the Saint Seiya 30th Anniversary Special Exhibit coming in June 2016!

It’s been 30 years since the hit manga Saint Seiya first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump, and fans can look forward to a special commemorative exhibit next year!

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China gives big boost to Pacific Rim in box office, amuses many with weird subtitles such as “Pegasus Meteor Fist”

While the Guillermo del Toro ode to tokusatsu (Godzilla, Ultraman, etc.) films had a reasonable opening in its home country, the box office take was rather low to cover its $190 million dollar budget. However, thanks to an astounding foreign release Pacific Rim can be considered a big success – the highest grossing foreign film of the year so far to be exact.

A large part of that success can be attributed to the might of the massive Chinese film going population. As of 18 August, the Chinese revenue was reported to be 618 million yuan (US$100M) surpassing even what Pacific Rim pulled in its home country. But there’s another reason why people are paying attention to the film’s Chinese release.

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Saint Seiya to Restart With New Episodes After 23 Years

Saint Seiya, the anime smash hit that ran during the 80’s in Japan and Europe is making a comeback to TV in April 2012. Originally created as a manga series by Masami Kurumada, it ran on TV from 1986-89 and in Eastern European countries under the title Knights of the Zodiac. This new chapter is announced by Toei Animation to be an original story rather than an adaption of Kurumada’s manga.

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