So we all know that Tokyo-area political races can attract some pretty, um… eccentric candidates.

We’ve got perennial Tokyo Governor candidates like Mac Akasaka, representing his own Smile Party (often while dressed like Superman), leader and probably the only member of the World Economic Community Party, Mr. The Only God Matayoshi Mitsuo Jesus Christ, and Rock ‘n Roll Samurai – aka TOKMA – whose big shtick is to dress like a samurai and play war-mongering rock ‘n roll music.

But, despite their crazy antics and lofty-sounding, self-appointed nicknames, these men are all mere Earthlings. What Tokyo needs is a true leader. A man of stellar moral character. Someone who can protect Tokyo from the inevitable threat posed by evil empires from other galaxies. In other words, Tokyo needs a Jedi. And that’s why Mutsuto Imajo gets our vote for Shibuya Mayor!


Around this time every year in the Tokyo area, gigantic billboards go up around town with equally portioned square spaces depicting all of the candidates of a particular ward. Usually, the photos all feature the candidates wearing similar suits in the same close-up yearbook style shot, so the likes of Mac Akasaka and a few of the other more bizarre political candidates really stand out.

This year, one of our friends over at that hive of scum and depravity 2chan spotted newcomer Mutsuto Imajo on a Shibuya Ward mayoral candidate billboard and, thankfully for us, immortalized the more-than-likely-to-lose candidate for all of us to revere as befits a Jedi practitioner from Haruun Kal or wherever (look, Mace Windu was the only non-Skywalker, humanoid Jedi I could think of).

▼ See if you can spot him


▼ See him yet?


▼ Warmer…


▼ There he is!


Anyway, despite 2chan Netizens thinking that Imajo bears a striking resemblance to a Star Wars extra, he’s actually the Chief Priest of a Buddhist temple somewhere, which explains the awesome fantasy/sci-fi necklace he’s rocking. We’re guessing that Imajo is a first-time candidate, as a Google search reveals very little else about the man, so we’re left to only speculate whether that’s a ceremonial robe of some kind or just a prison jumpsuit.


h/t: Kininaru Sokuhou
Photos © RocketNews24