“Sword of rouge” sounds like a fantasy weapon, but it’s an actual part of this makeup collection inspired by the hit Clamp anime.

The immensely popular Cardcaptor Sakura is often thought of as “the magical girl series from manga creative team Clamp.” But while that’s a pretty apt description, Sakura wasn’t the first magic-wielding young lady to be created by the team, as Clamp’s Magic Knight Rayearth manga preceded Sakura’s debut by three years, becoming an anime TV series in 1994.

On the surface a mix of magical girl and fantasy role-playing game tropes, Rayearth drew viewers in with colorful yet elegant artwork and a fast-paced adventure story before mixing in the heavy philosophical themes and shocking plot twists that are Clamp’s specialties. That combination earned it a special place in the hearts of anime fans who grew up with it, and now those grownups have access to a line of Rayerath cosmetics.

The distinctive sword carried by primary protagonist Hikaru serves as the motif for an equally unique rouge applicator. Grip the hilt, remove the “blade” portion, and underneath is a stick of blush.

While the makeup isn’t enchanted per se, it does convey a number of real-world status buffs upon your skin. Made with rosehip oil, strawberry seed oil, and collagen peptide, the rouge moisturizes and protects the skin while adding color to your cheeks.

Also available is a face powder compact modeled after Hikaru’s gauntlet.

Measuring 7.1 centimeters (2.8 inches) across, flipping open the lid reveals a bed of face powder, puff sponge, and mirror, so that you can confirm everything is neatly applied even if you don’t have any fellow adventure companions or loveable mascot creatures around to check for you.

The 3,024-yen (US$27) rouge sword and 4,212-yen face powder gauntlet container are the two launch items in merchandiser Premium Bandai’s new Magical Girls Collection cosmetics line of anime character-themed makeup (though Sailor Moon has her own separate sub-brand, called Miracle Romance). Fellow 1990s anime star Saint Tail is set to be the second character to get the Magical Girls Collection treatment at some unspecified point in the future, but right now the Rayearth rouge and face powder can be ordered directly from Premium Bandai here and here, with shipping scheduled for September.

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