You’ve never experienced the power of the pyramid while soaking at the hot springs? Head to Tochigi to rectify that.

As the summer workload piles up and stress stacks up alongside it, many a worker in Japan will be wondering where to spend their ill-gotten leave in hopes of unwinding for a few days. Well, wonder no more! In fact, there’s just one destination to head to where you can experience the relaxing steam of a Japanese hot spring (onsen) and the mystic awe of the Egyptian pyramids.

That’s right! Nasu in Tochigi prefecture!

Well, maybe it’s not your first guess for where to find a multicultural getaway like this one. Still, Pyramid Genki Onsen (the ‘Genki’ part is written the Chinese way, 元氣, rather than the Japanese way, 元気) has a plethora of amazing attractions. Top billing goes to the fact that their best relaxation room harnesses the ‘power of the pyramid’, a time-tested concept that items or people who stand beneath the highest point of a pyramid become rejuvenated or stay healthier.

▼ Some highlights from the website

The woman who runs the Pyramid Onsen is trained in all manner of performing arts, and guests can enjoy traditional dances and music in the roomy main hall. There’s a restaurant serving collagen-enhanced delights every day except Wednesdays, beautiful spacious guest rooms and even a mall filled with interesting trinkets to decorate your home with.

The onsen itself is nothing to sniff at either! Five dedicated baths filled with 100-percent natural mineral water, with that added punch-up of pyramid power. There’s a sauna too, so you can sit down and imagine you’re simmering in the heat like an ancient king or queen at their throne.

Though this looks to be a very unique onsen experience, online users were… well, a little put out to say the least by the chosen aesthetic.

“The greetings are written in Japanese, Chinese and then katakana Chinese… what’s the deal with that? Why isn’t there Arabic?”
“I lost it when I got to how the restaurant has a weekly vacation day.”
“I’ve stayed there and I remember that I couldn’t relax at all…”

However, the tune of other comments on social media attest to an unforgettable experience. Hopefully an experience that managed to be relaxing in spite of the fusion furnishings?

“This place was amazing! When I woke up and looked out the window in the morning, the pyramid was all covered in snow…”

▼ This shot from December last year captures a snow covered pyramid

▼ “We made it to Egypt!” [except actually it’s Tochigi]

Why not stay with the Pyramid Genki Onsen next time you’re in Tochigi? You can even visit the melted art installation while you’re in the area.

Hot spring information
Pyramid Genki Onsen / ピラミッド元氣温泉
Address: Tochigi-ken, Nasushiobara-shi, Niwatoko 493-4
Telephone: 0287-35-4141

Source: Hachima Kikou, Pyramid Genki Onsen
Featured image: Twitter/@s_synesthesia
Insert image: Pyramid Genki Onsen