Japanese driver has a warning/request for women wearing skirts in his vehicle.

Japan’s trains are famous for being crowded at rush hour, but at least the carriages themselves are reasonably sized. On the other hand, Japanese buses can be startlingly cramped on the inside, with even Japanese people of average height finding their knees pressed against the seat back directly in front of them.

Because of this, many would say the most comfortable seat on the bus is in the center of the bench seat at the very back row, since having the walkway right in front of you gives you extra legroom. However, bus driver and Twitter user @su_ca_ra_can says that you might want to reconsider sitting there, or at least be careful of how you sit there, if you’re wearing a skirt.


@su_ca_ra_can’s tweet shows a photo of the bus driver’s perspective when he’s looking into the rear-view mirror, and since the back row of seats is often built on top of the bus’s rear axle, its seats are higher than the others. Because of that, if a woman wearing a skirt is sitting in the middle seat, she might end up giving the driver a view of her panties.

The text of @su_ca_ra_can’s tweet translates as:

“To passengers wearing skirts,

Please, sit with your knees together. Otherwise, it’s so distracting that it’s hard to drive.

The central mirror mounted on the windshield is for the driver to monitor the inside of the bus, and so the driver frequently looks at it. But this is a magnifying mirror, and it’s even possible to see exactly what pattern the panties are on a woman sitting in the back row, so please, keep your knees together!”

With his earnest request, @su_ca_ra_can doesn’t seem to relish in these panty peeks as a perk of his profession. Still, averting his eyes isn’t always feasible when it’s part of his job to look in the mirror and keep an eye on what’s going on further back in the vehicle, and when pressed for proof, he says that he’s noticed undergarments of both lacy and character-decorated varieties, as well as cases of women who seem to have borrowed a pair of men’s boxer shorts from a boyfriend.

It’s also worth mentioning that @su_ca_ra_can’s intent isn’t to call women out for scandalous attire or behavior, but rather to let them know that the driver sees more than they might expect in the mirror, whether intentionally or not.

Source: Twitter/@su_ca_ra_can via Otakomu
Top image: Pakutaso