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Yes, we love our Häagen-Dazs here at RocketNews24, but you really can’t blame us when they keep throwing creative and tantalizing flavors at us, can you? Like this newest installation in their Japonais line of cup ice cream — in a strawberry and azuki (red bean) flavor!

That’s right, another delightful frozen creation with a Japanese twist is coming out from the masters of ice cream. And we really can’t see any reason why we wouldn’t find the new flavor thoroughly delightful!

The new Häagen-Dazs Japonais “Strawberry and Azuki Red Bean” flavor will become available from November 5 at 7-Eleven stores across Japan and will be the third “Japanese-style”  ice cream produced jointly by Häagen-Dazs and Seven-Eleven, after the previous “Matcha Green Tea and Azuki” and “Vanilla and Kinako Soybean Powder with Brown Sugar Syrup” flavors.

And if you think ice cream is a snack mostly to be enjoyed in warm weather, well, let’s just say that a cold frozen treat during winter in a warm heated room or snuggled under a kotatsu heated table can be just as (if not even more) delightful. So, it seems we’re fated to be presented with tempting ice cream flavors throughout the year (but we’re certainly not complaining), and this fall/winter season is apparently no exception.

The new “Strawberry and Azuki Red Bean” flavor will be made from strawberry ice cream containing small pieces of strawberries combined with a milk-based ice cream and red bean paste sauce, all topped with a refreshing strawberry sauce — so hopefully, you can see why we said that there seems no reason why we shouldn’t love this ice cream. Plus, we’ve already had a perfectly enjoyable experience trying their previous “Vanilla and Kinako Soybean Powder with Brown Sugar Syrup”!

▼The “Vanilla and Kinako Soybean Powder with Brown Sugar Syrup” flavor we tried in June this year

The Strawberry and Azuki Red Bean ice cream comes in a 109ml cup (in a beautiful pink color too!)  for a price of 370 yen (US$3.29). We can’t wait to try the combination of the creamy and rich strawberry ice cream and the mild sweetness of red bean paste, and we have a feeling that many ice cream lovers in Japan feel the same way. Here’s hoping this will be another deliciously sweet case of East meets West!

Source and top image: Häagen-Dazs website (Japanese)
Inset image of Vanilla and Kinako Ice Cream: RocketNews24