So simple, yet so effective.

We’ve all been there before, where a family member is making fun of something we like, whether it’s cardboard standing desks or Pokémon stamp collections.

Usually we just give them a fake smile, ignore them, and make a mental note to avoid them better at the next family reunion barbeque… only to come up with the perfect comeback later, long after the moment had passed.

But Japanese Twitter user @extrmmtkchan recently shared a conversation he had with his grandmother when she started putting down video games, and we absolutely enjoyed it vicariously from beginning to end:

(Translation below)

“My grandmother said to me, ‘Your younger brother does nothing but play video games. You’re so much smarter than he is. How did you get so smart?’ ‘By playing video games,’ I replied immediately, feeling like a boss.”

Now that’s a comeback most of us can only dream of!

When asked how his grandmother reacted, @extrmmtkchan said that he asked her, “Are you okay? You feeling all right? Do we need to get you a PCR test?” Apparently it was quite a shock for her!

But in all honesty, it’s unfortunate how video games are still seen by so many people as a waste of time. For me personally, I grew up playing RPGs, and they taught me math, strategy, and how to read really fast in order to react to enemy attacks and heal my party. I’m sure I’m not alone in knowing that video games sharpened my mind when I was younger and shaped me into who I am today.

Japanese netizens shared their admiration for @extrmmtkchan’s response:

“I learned all the prefectures in Japan by playing Momotaro Dentetsu.”
“I set all my games to English. 80 percent of the English I know came from them!”
“I’ve learned so many random things from games.”
“If you’re not having fun, you won’t learn, that’s probably why the younger brother is struggling.”
“Cannot like enough. Games use your brain and your heart. Manga does too.”
“That comeback was so good even I felt like a boss just reading it.”

Of course while too much video gaming can be bad, the same goes for anything. As long as it’s done in moderation, gaming can not only be extremely awesome, it can help you learn new things too.

And if you play games in Japanese, it may just help you pass the JLPT N1 someday as well!

Source: Twitter/@extrmmtkchan via My Game News Flash
Top image: GAHAG (Edited by SoraNews24)
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