The room makes for a perfect spooky Halloween backdrop, unless you’re one of those people that happens to find old-fashioned dolls soothing.

In the Shinsekai district of Osaka only a three-minute walk from Osaka’s Tsutenkaku Tower landmark, there stands a nine-story, 24-room apartment building constructed in 2019 that offers rooms for short or long-term rentals. It’s easily accessible by either train or subway.

Designed by the folks at Montana Flat Yebisu, the entrance looks stylishly modern when you first walk in. However, one of the rooms for rent was recently renovated in a very peculiar manner and opened for reservations on August 13.

Come to think of it, “peculiar” might not convey the right nuance because the official name, “Western-style Mansion Horror Room” is most on-brand!

This concept room was designed to look like an old Victorian mansion with antique furnishings. We have to say, they succeeded in that mission spectacularly.

The ceiling chandelier, furniture, carpet, drapes, and wallpaper all lend an uneasy (at best) or downright creepy vibe to the space.

A modern touch is the presence of a projector in the room for viewing [horror] movies.

Old-fashioned dolls grace the wall, possibly watching your every move…

…but they’re not the only ones watching.

The room does serve as an excellent space for an appropriately creepy or gothic photoshoot.

Thankfully, only that one room is decked out like a haunted room. Within the unit there’s another bedroom plus a kitchen with modern appliances and tableware at your disposal that are decidedly normal-looking.

▼ The bedroom boasts a queen-sized bed with one separate futon as well.

Tsutenkaku Tower is also right outside for when you need some fresh air on the balcony.

The Western-style Horror Room can be rented under two or five-hour plans perfect for a photoshoot or party for 1,500 yen (US$10.67) per person. You can also request special extras such as a takoyaki maker (to party the Osaka way!) or Korean jjigae for fun party food for an additional fee.

Another overnight plan allows you to check in at 4 p.m. and check out at 11 a.m. the following day for 4,400 yen per person. While the hourly rentals don’t have a person limit per se, the overnight plan allows for a maximum of three guests.

This isn’t the first time that Osaka has hosted a haunted room of sorts, either. The nearby USJ hotel typically offers a horror room around Halloween as well, so you could migrate from creepy room to creepy room to your heart’s content.

Source: PR Times, Montana Flat Yebisu
Images: PR Times
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