And the pizza it makes is actually good, according to Japanese netizens.

Despite the fact that vending machines are everywhere in Japan, those that sell chips, crackers, and other snack foods are, surprisingly, not very common. In actual fact, for some reason Japan seems to prefer vending machines that serve hot food like hamburgers, gyoza, and curry rice.

Now we can add pizza to that list. The Pizza Self 24-hour vending machine in Hiroshima sells fresh-out-of-the-oven, tasty pizzas in front of a local video and CD rental shop, so that when you go to rent your favorite movie on Friday night, you can conveniently pick up a pizza for dinner, too.

The machine currently offers two kinds of pizzas: margherita pizza for 980 yen (US$8.83) and 4-cheese pizza for 1,280 yen. Once a choice has been selected and the money paid, the machine gets to work making your pizza, which takes just 5 minutes. That’s your chance to go and grab your movie!

According to the above netizen, it smells really good while cooking, which draws a curious crowd. “In a way, that’s some kind of terrorism,” they say. I’m inclined to agree, except to add that it’s a delicious kind of terrorism.

Now, some of you might be wondering, how good can a pizza from a vending machine be? I’ll admit that the above netizen’s photo of their 4-cheese pizza, which doesn’t look like the best of pizzas, sparks a little doubt in my heart. But apparently it betrayed their expectations in a very good way. “It has blue cheese on it!” they wrote. “It’s pretty legit!”

Plus, the netizen noticed this plaque of manufacturing information on the machine…Doesn’t it look like it might have been imported from Italy?! Hold your horses, friends, this vending machine pizza really might be good.

What’s more, not only is the pizza fresh and tasty, but it also comes with a box, a plastic bag to carry it home with, and a pizza roller to slice it with when you get home. All for less than 12 dollars!

Unsurprisingly it’s become quite a popular attraction, and even though there are apparently both a Pizza Hut and Dominos in the area, it seems like even in the wee hours of the night people are waiting in line for their chance to sample the fresh, cheap, convenient pizza.

The vending machine is located in front of the Tsutaya in Kusunoki, which is a 12-minute walk from Shin Hakushima Station, the next station over from Hiroshima Station itself. If you’re planning to do a food tour of Hiroshima soon, make sure you hit up this vending machine along with the crazy cheap tonkatsu and the crème marche desserts. And don’t forget to look out for the Totoro Catbus while you’re there!

Vending Machine Location
Tsutaya Kusunoki Branch / TSUTAYA楠木店
Hiroshima-ken Hiroshima-shi Nishi-ku Kusunokicho 4 Chome-9-26

Source: Twitter/@Hiroredev via My Game News Flash
Featured Image: Twitter/@Hirorodev