Did he really think they’d pat him on the back and quietly drive him home?

Japanese police may not have to deal with the same levels of crime as other countries, but when they do have to put their training to work, they’re no slouches in enforcing the law.

So when Fukuoka Prefecture Higashi Police Station received a threat call on 22 August at 5:40 p.m from a public phone, they were prepared to face a potential gun fight.

“I’m now heading towards Wajiro Police Box. I stole a handgun. Please only aim for the feet,” said the unidentified man on the line.

▼ It did sound like the man was turning himself in,
but it could still potentially lead to a shootout.

On high alert, nine officers rushed to the public phone that the call came from, only to find a 68-year-old unemployed and very drunk man muttering to himself.

After an arrest was made, the inebriated man admitted:

“Taxis weren’t stopping for me, and so I thought the police would give me a free ride home if I told them that I stole a gun.”

▼ Just call for a taxi or take the train, pal.

It was a facepalm-worthy yet hilarious case for netizens:

“I like his drunken train of thought.”
“He would have been fine if he said he was lost.”
“I would never have this kind of imagination. My heart lacks freedom. What a boring life.”
“Even taxis have the right to refuse passage to drunkards.”
“What’s wrong with this guy?”

The man indeed would have better chances getting a ride home had he claimed that he was lost, though police officers would most likely direct him to the nearest taxi stand. Perhaps if he had just read about the nifty navigation app that caters to drunk people, it would have saved him a whole lot of trouble.

Source: Livedoor News via Golden Times
Top image: Pakutaso
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