One for all!

My Hero Academia not only boasts some of the most epic fights in anime history, but also some of the most inspiring characters and scenes as well.

And one teacher in Japan has taken that inspiration the series delivers to get their own students pumped up  to fight their hardest on one of the most demanding, sweatiest days of the year: sports day.

“It took a long time, but it’s done! Tomorrow is sports day!
We’ll do our best to win!”
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For those who may not be aware, sports day is a day where kids at school compete in a variety of physical activities such as running, baton pass, three-legged race, tug of war, and more.

The teams are usually divided up between classes, and the competition can get fierce! To inspire their own class, this teacher drew Midoriya, the protagonist from My Hero Academia, encouraging their class with the words: “We’re going all out to achieve victory!”

▼ The teacher accomplished this feat by only using six colors of chalk.
Just goes to show that you shouldn’t let a lack of materials hold you back!

▼ They also showed off some drawings they’d
done from previous years too. (Translations below)

“Let It Go with all your strength, everyone! Get Red Team the win!”

Yowamushi Pedal
“Green Team, take it to the top!”

Attack on Titan
“Blue Team’s counterattack starts now.”

Your Name
“Taking back our honor from last, last, last year in our hearts,
And grasping victory in our hands!”

Those are some pretty inspiring images and words! If I was a student in that class, I’d definitely feel the pressure to win. And then probably promptly fall on my face during the relay race.

Here’s how Japanese Twitter reacted:

“I’d like to buy that chalkboard, please.”
“The picture is great, but man, the calligraphy is just as nice.”
“Can you please be my teacher?”
“I would hate to be the kid assigned to erase that.”

“I think that class has already won.”

As it turns out, the real sports day was the chalkboard masterpieces we made along the way.

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Source: Twitter/@SwEnve via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@SwEnve