It’s Monday evening here in Japan, and that can mean only one thing – it’s time to vote for our Pic of the Week! Join us after the jump for 10 superb photos taken by our very own readers and to vote for the one you think deserves to be crowned Pic of the Week.

It’s one vote per reader so use it wisely, Rocketeer! You can find the poll at the foot of this page after you’ve had a chance to take in this week’s offerings. Thanks for everyone who sent in their snaps, and as ever don’t be down if you didn’t make the cut – you could still be featured next week!

1. John Seely – Typhoon Distraction

Seely John

2.  Johnny Nguyen – Untitled

Johnny Nguyen

3. Gunther Marzin – Hello My Dear!


4. David Lowe – Fuji Skyline

David Lowe

5. Brice Chan – Asakusa by night

Asakusa by night

6. Mark Farmer – Savoring a moment of perfection

Mark Farmer

7. Yan Chevalier – Locked Hearts

Yan Chevalier

8. Mary Richardson – My Future Retirement Home

Mary Richardson

9. Guy Keating – Standing Out

Guy Keating

10. Sarah Hodge – Hanami in Gion

Sarah Hodge

So, which one gets your vote?

Polls are open until midday on Wednesday (JST). We’ll be revealing the winner that night. Good luck, everyone!