David Lowe

Ladies and gentlemen of das internets, we have a winner!

This week’s contest was the closest yet, with just one percent of the vote between the photos that claimed first and second place. Our Pic of the Week, plus two honourable mentions, await you after the jump.

This week’s photos were without a doubt some of the best we’ve had since we first started running this contest. The quality of the pics we received was genuinely first-rate, so a big thank you to everyone who entered.

But there can, of course, be only one winner. Congratulations to David Lowe, who snapped this incredible photo taken from the summit of Mount Akadake and takes our top prize today. Feel proud, David; you won with a whopping 22 percent of the vote!

“Fuji Skyline”

David LoweDavid Lowe

Honourable mentions

Coming in second place, just one measly percent behind our winner, was none other than Ms. Sarah Hodge with this beautiful photo taken in Kyoto’s Maruyama Park.

“Hanami in Gion”

Sarah HodgeSarah Hodge

And finally, in third place we have John Seely’s moody shogi shot, “Typhoon Distraction”, which he tells us he took during August this year while Japan was being battered by some of the strongest winds it’s known in years. Top work, John!

“Typhoon Distraction”

Seely JohnJohn Seely

Thanks to all who entered and to everyone who voted. We’ll have more great photos for you next Monday.

As ever, if you have a photo that you think is worthy of the attention of the internet masses and deserves to be crowned Pic of the Week, drop us a line. Go here for details on how to enter.