Now that is an erection of a building.

China has some of the most fascinating architecture in the world, boasting grand designs and awe-inspiring styles that has even caught the eye of Chinese president Xi Jinping.

But one newly-opened skyscraper in the province of Guanxi has everyone scratching their heads. Called the Guangxi New Media Center, the building took two years to complete and certainly looks impressive from the ground thanks to its breathtaking terraced exterior.

▼ Unfortunately, it also bears an uncanny resemblance
to a massive penis at certain angles.

▼ It wasn’t long before playful netizens added
fireworks effects to celebrate its, uh, completion.

According to local media, the architects modeled the building after the majestic Longsheng Rice Terraces, which have attracted visitors from afar with its lush scenery.

▼ No one expected the region’s most incredible view…

▼ …to be depicted as a towering penis.

Japanese netizens agreed that it resembled glorified male genitalia more than anything else:

“What was going through their heads when they designed this building?”
“There seems to be a lot of architects who love creating such stuff.”
“The locals are definitely going to call it the Penis Tower.”
“Is this some kind of contemporary art that can only be understood by a select few?”
“That’s what I love about China.”

No one knows if the design was deliberate, but it looks like Guangxi New Media Center has already garnered attention at a worldwide scale after just a few months of opening. Japanese netizens shouldn’t be so quick to laugh though, as Tokyo also boasts an immense object that looks like a golden poo on a building.

Source: Shanghaiist, Edamame via Kinisoku
Featured image: Twitter/@OFalafel