Roland also has a “must-have” hangover cure that can be yours for just a little over 100 bucks.

People in Japan tend to take grooming and personal appearance seriously, and that goes double for the men who work at host bars. Sure, hosts have to be charming and attentive, but they’re also supposed to be eye candy for their female clientele.

With that context, it’s not that surprising that Roland, Japan’s currently reigning “King of the Hosts,” has started his own brand of health and beauty products, called Rolandale.

The 27-year-old Roland says “It’s not an exaggeration to say that my hair is more important than my life itself,” and in keeping with that value system two of the first Rolandale items are liquid hair treatments, or “hair oils,” as they’re officially called. First up is Hair Oil The Black, which promises smooth, glossy hair with no matting or tangling.

The Black Hair Oil is described as a premium hair oil, and priced as such, costing 6,372 yen (US$57) for a 120-milliliter (4.1-pounce) bottle. Of course, that’s a bargain compared to the top-of-the-line Hair Oil The Gold, which is billed as “a drop of luxury for your hair.” And yes, you’ll want to treasure every single drop, because not only does The Gold come in a smaller 30-milliliter (1-ounce) container, it’s priced at 54,000 yen (US$490).

Roland isn’t just offering help with your hair, though. For 12,960 yen, he’ll hook you up with a box of his The Black Hangover Treatment, which, considering how much drinking goes on in host clubs, seems like an affliction he should be pretty knowledgeable about, and the remedy is touted as “a must-have supplement” for “adults who wish to be in the best condition daily.”

▼ Oddly enough, Supplement The Black Hangover Treatment comes in the form of red pills.

And finally, rounding out the initial batch of Rolandale products is The Black Athlete, a gelatin-based sports performance supplement to help you stay sharp and serve as “an approach for a stylish body.”

All four products are being offered at a special pop-up location inside the Osaka branch of department store Takashimaya from May 17 to 19, but can also be ordered online here through the Rolandale website. Unfortunately, despite his willingness to help you keep your hair smooth and shiny, Roland doesn’t provide any details on what brand of dye you need to replicate his blond locks, nor how to balance your budget while dropping 50,000 yen for hair product and following his dating advice of buying four seats at the movie theater for just you and your girlfriend.

Source, images: PR Times
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