King of Japan’s bar hosts shares idea for a sure-fire romantic date

Roland’s plan turns his fans’ knees to jelly, but some say it’s a selfish waste of money.

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Nissin Cup Noodles heats up with handsome host boys and famous Japanese voice actors 【Video】

Welcome to Nissin’s new fictional host club, where sexual innuendo rules.

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What happens when a single woman joins a Japanese host club bus tour around Tokyo?

It turns out that life ain’t so bad for a single lady when she’s in the company of these handsome hosts.

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Mr. Sato becomes a Tokyo host club host for one night, and you can drink with him!

Two of our reporters invite you to share a glass of absinthe with them at Host Club Roketto in Shinjuku.

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Japanese boy celebrates 8th birthday dressed as a host at a club in Tokyo’s Kabukicho

The Internet can’t decide whether this is insanely cute or a prime example of terrible parenting.

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“Real Boyfriend” rental service offers dates with more realistic types of men aged from 19 to 57

Forget about renting an obviously unbelievable hottie; these rental boyfriends charm with more attainable good looks.

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Tokyo’s host club photo studio will have you looking like the coolest Kabukicho club king

Believe it or not, our crack Japanese-language reporter, Mr. Sato, has been struggling with his self-image recently. In recognition of all his hard work, we decided to spring for a makeover for the poor guy, and not at a pet grooming salon like we did before.

No, this time, Mr. Sato is getting the full-on host bar treatment, complete with a photo session commemorating his transformation into a guy so hot women would pay money just to sit and drink with him.

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Women, money and time: Behind the scenes with Japan’s “King of Hosts”

Meet Naoki. He pulls down US$30,000 a month, has his own TV show and music group, and is called “an ideal man” by one of his many woman clients. Is he some kind of doctor or finance wizard to be making that kind of dough? Nope, he’s a host, one of scores of men that work in the seedy bars of Kabukicho, drinking with the ladies of the capital and charging them for the privilege.

A new video by VICE Japan takes a look at Naoki’s bizarre and booze-soaked world.

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