Japan’s spookiest yokai anime releases a range of gorgeous outfits just in time for Halloween.

If you’re thinking about dressing up as a spooky character from the world of Japanese anime this Halloween, look no further than GeGeGe no Kitaro.

Originally known as Kitaro of the Graveyard, this anime first started out as a manga series created in 1960 by Japanese writer and artist Shigeru Mizuki. It’s since been adapted into anime, video games, and a live-action movie. It’s best known for its intriguing cast of yokai, supernatural spirits from Japanese folklore.

Leading the cast on their supernatural adventures is Kitaro, a half-human and half-yokai being committed to maintaining peace between the yokai and human worlds. Kitaro is known for having an empty eye socket hidden under his hair, where his grandfather, Medama-oyaji — who was once a ghost and is now a large eyeball — sometimes resides.

The Medama-oyaji eyeball is one of the most famous images from the series, and now you can wear your love for him on an oversized hoodie for Halloween.

▼ The hoodie retails for 15,649 yen (US$139)

If you prefer to channel the half-human, half-yokai character of Kitaro, there are three outfits to choose from.

The Ensemble Parka comes with an oversized navy blue hoodie and a blue-and-yellow striped tie-up vest, which Kitaro is often seen wearing.

▼ This two-piece set retails for 18,338 yen.

The Striped Parka features Kitaro’s favourite stripes on the sleeves and is priced at 15,649 yen.

And if you really want to splash out, there’s a beautiful unisex kimono available for 22,658 yen.

There are other cast member outfits available too, with the Neko Musume (“Cat Girl”) One Piece retailing for 16,178 yen.

▼ And the Nezumi Otoko (“Rat Man”) Roomwear for 14,018 yen.

One of the most eye-catching pieces in the whole collection is the Sunakake Babaa (“Sand-throwing Hag”) One Piece, which blends Japanese and Western styles to create a gorgeous kimono-style dress.

▼ The one-piece retails for 22,658 yen.

And you won’t have to go trick-or-treating alone, as there are a number of matching outfits for children to wear as well, ranging in price from 10,249 to 13,489 yen.

All the new outfits have been created in collaboration with Japanese brand Favorite, who has designed all 8 pieces to help mark the 50th year since GeGeGe no Kitaro was adapted into an anime.

You can check out the full collection, along with ordering details, on the Favorite website here. And if you want to keep any cheeky yokai from playing tricks on you this Halloween, you might like to take precautions by filling your pockets up with Ghost Child Care Candy from Kyoto.

Source: Favorite via Japaaan
Images: Favorite