As the days get colder, this winning combo will help you stay trendy and toasty.

Uniqlo has called upon American fashion designer Alexander Wang to help out with their winter Heat Tech collection. The line will be released on November 9, and it includes everything from long-sleeved shirts to body suits. Yes, body suits.

The collection includes a total of six different items for men and ten for women. The best part? Despite the world-famous designer name attached to the clothing, it comes at totally affordable prices!

Let’s start with the pieces you’re probably most curious about – the body suits. They come in two styles.

▼ This “Rib Tank Body Suit” (2,990 yen [US$26]) looks like a really warm swimsuit. We don’t recommend you actually go swimming in it, though.

▼ Or you could go for the more wintry “Extra Warm Body Suit” (3,990 yen), which has long sleeves and a turtleneck.

If you’re like me, you might be wondering, “How am I supposed to wear this?” Picture this: you have a sweater, and underneath that is a long-sleeved shirt. You tuck the long-sleeved shirt into your jeans over and over, but even the slightest movement pulls it out and results in an undershirt that’s bunched up unattractively around your waist. It turns out that body suits prevent that!

▼ And if you’re worried about what to do when you go to the toilet, it comes with handy buttons.

Enough about body suits; let’s move on to the other items Uniqlo and Alexander Wang have come up with to keep you warm in any situation. Here’s a classic Heat Tech crew-neck, long-sleeved tee (1,990 yen).

And here’s an extra warm Heat Tech tank top (1,990 yen).

There’s even a Heat Tech underwear set! The bra will go for 1,990 yen and the underwear will only cost you 990 yen.

And of course, the line includes the item essential to keeping your legs nice and toasty: leggings (2,990 yen).

For those of you who dread the winter cold, then mark your calendars for November 9, because this season is shaping up to be an extra warm and extra fashionable one.

Source, images: Uniqlo 
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