New addition to Extra Warm line gets very hot below the hips.

Uniqlo is Japan’s most popular casual clothing brand, and with good reason. Its clothes are well-made, reasonably priced, comfortable, and stylishly understated.

One word that’s usually not used to describe Unqilo, though, is “sexy,” at least not until this week. With the weather getting colder, Uniqlo has rolled out a new addition to its Heattech line of warm undergarments, called the Heattech Extra Warm Full-body. As the name implies, it’s a full-body single-piece undergarment, with a high neck, long sleeves…

…and no covering whatsoever for your legs.

It’s sort of a confusing design, because if it’s going to be completely completely committed to keeping your upper body warm and toasty, but leave you on your own below the hips, why not just make it a shirt, and skip the swimsuit-like strip of cloth that runs between the legs? So when photos of the Heattech Extra Warm Full-body first surfaced, a lot of people didn’t know what to make of it, but model, bar owner, and Twitter user Feliz Nyan (@FelizNyan) had an idea, slipping into Uniqlo’s new offering for a photo shoot.

She’s not the only one to figure out this use for the Heattech Extra Warm Full-body either.

Summer, with its warm temperatures, is generally the season for flesh-flashing fashion, but Japan is always happy when it can find clothing that’s both sexy and warm (or at least made out of warm material), as evidenced by its previous admiration of the “virgin-killing sweater” and long-sleeved knit “boob shirt.” And just like with those two items of clothing, Uniqlo’s Heattech Extra Warm Full-body is inspiring fan art.

The Heattech Extra Warm Full-body is available in red, black, or gray, priced at 2,990 yen (US$28), here on Uniqlo’s online store.

However, we should remind everyone that it’s actually intended to be worn for extra warmth under clothing that provides a normal amount of coverage, and the police in Japan might have some questions for you if they spot you walking around in public with too little fabric (as we ourselves learned the hard way).

Sources: Otakomu, Uniqlo
Top, insert images: Uniqlo
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