Piranha Plant slippers? Mushroom-shaped silicone molding trays? Shut up and take our money!

Thinking of hosting a get-together this holiday season, but not sure how to theme it? Well, worry no more: Nintendo has the answer with their upcoming line of Super Mario Home and Party Goods. With the 24 new items including party supplies, key-chains, and home decoration items, you’ll be able host the coolest Mario-themed birthday or New Year’s party of 2019.

First, decorate your home with this cute Mario-themed garland (1,300 yen or US$11.44), which comes with two strings of character and item icons.

You can also buy a set of wall stickers (1,800 yen), which come with over 30 varieties, and which you can stick all over your house to keep the theme seamless.

Then, as your guests arrive, mix them some drinks with Cheep Cheep shaped mixers and ice cubes shaped like mushrooms, coins, and stars, made from a silicone molding tray (2,800 yen).

You can also make tiny popsicles or chocolate lollipops in the shape of item boxes and brick blocks using a different silicone mold, which comes with fun Mario-shaped sticks (2,800 yen).

Serve those chocolates and other snacks on lunch mats and paper plates designed to look like Mario levels (1,300 yen). They come in sets of 10 each, with five of each variety in a set, and the plates and mats match up their lines completely for a cool 3-D look on an otherwise 2-D image.

They also come in a unique original design in pink or teal!

For party favors, you can give your guests rubber key-chains featuring Mario enemies and items, which come in packs of three (1,800 yen) or one (700 yen).

It’s going to be cold on New Year’s Eve, so you’ll want to supply your guests with warm and fuzzy mini-blankets (6,000 yen each), shaped like a mushroom or a pipe, which also can be stuffed into soft item block or Piranha Plant-shaped pillows that you can keep on your couch.

And with cold weather comes the sniffles, so make sure you have tissues on hand, cutely secured in a plush Bomb-omb or Bullet BIll-shaped tissue holder (2,800 yen).

Don’t forget, warm feet lead to happy guests, so lay down this soft-looking carpet shaped like an item box (6,000 yen), which is sure to keep the cold at bay.

As for you, the host, treat yourself to some adorable Piranha Plant Slippers (3,800 yen). They come with a green pipe-shaped holding canister, and when put in heel-down, look like actual Piranha Plants popping out of a pipe. You will get countless compliments if you wear these to your party!

These adorable and fun Mario Themed home items and party supplies don’t have an official release date, but they’re slated to go on sale at the end of December. They may not make it in time for Christmas, but they’ll be perfect for a New Year’s Eve party! Once they go on sale, they’ll be available at most miscellaneous home goods or electronics stores throughout Japan, and through major online retailers.

Get them while they last! These products are a great last chance to enjoy Super Mario before Hollywood ruins it for us all.

Source: Nintendo via NetLab
Top image: Nintendo
Insert images: Nintendo