The story of Creamy Mami, the magical girl who captured anime fans’ hearts 35 years ago, is returning in the form of a spin-off online manga!

Fans of old-school anime may remember Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel, the magical girl anime that aired in Japan from July of 1983 to June of 1984. Well, it’s been 35 years, but we’re thrilled with the news that the series is getting a revival as a spin-off manga on an online comic site!

▼ The tweet from the official Creamy Mami account announcing the new spin-off manga:

For those of you not familiar with Creamy Mami, the anime centers around the 10 year-old girl Yū Morisawa, who is given magical powers by aliens to change into the beautiful 16-year-old Mami. Quite by accident, Mami ends up becoming an overnight pop-idol sensation as “Creamy Mami”, and Yū quickly finds herself living a kind of double-life as both a 10-year-old school girl and a teen idol.

The anime was one of the earliest pioneers in the now popular maho-shojo (magical girl) genre, and it was a huge hit when it aired back in the ’80s, capturing the fascination of young girls and anime fans across Japan. The fact that Creamy Mami has an official Twitter account 35 years since its airing is proof in itself of the series’ enduring popularity.

▼ The beautiful artwork enthralled fans back in the 1980s (including this writer) and to this day has a devoted following:

▼ The anime’s opening theme, Fall In Love Delicately (Delicate ni suki shite) was a huge hit, and also contributed to the series’ success.

The new spin-off manga, titled Creamy Mami The Magic Angel : The Unhappy Princess (Mahō no Tenshi Kurīmī Mami: Fukigen na Ohimesama) will apparently center on Megumi Ayase, a rival character (yes, Japanese girls’ manga/ anime love rival relationships) who appeared in the original anime as an idol who views Creamy Mami’s sudden rise to fame as a threat to her own popularity. According to the information released, the story will revolve around Megumi’s view of the events in the original Creamy Mami series, so it should be interesting to see the Creamy Mami world from a completely different point of view.

▼ Megumi Ayase will be the central character in the new spin off manga.

The new manga, which will be illustrated by Emi Mitsuki, will be serialized on the web magazine Comic Tatan starting December 21 with new chapters scheduled to appear every first and third Friday of the month. We’re sure there will be many fans anxious to follow this new addition to the world of Creamy Mami, and come December 21, we’ll definitely be one of them!

Source: IT Media, Twitter/ @mami_pierrot
Top image: Twitter/ @mami_pierrot
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