“Creamy exercises” with a Japanese CG pop idol makes “butt training” and “punch time” fun.

Now that we’re all at home, cooking up self-isolation tiramisu and chowing down on three-minute katsudon, we really ought to do ourselves a favour by getting up off the couch and offsetting those extra calories with some fat-burning exercises.

Working out doesn’t have to be a boring task, though, because today we’ll be moving our bodies to three exercise videos starring pop-idol sensation Creamy Mami, the star of Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel. 

Creamy Mami first aired in Japan from July 1983 to June 1984 on Nippon Television, making it one of the earliest anime franchises in the maho-shojo (magical girl) genre. At the centre of the anime is 10-year-old girl Yu Morisawa, who receives magical powers to change into a beautiful 16-year-old named Mami. Mami ends up becoming the overnight pop idol sensation “Creamy Mami”, resulting in Yu leading a double-life as 10-year-old schoolgirl and teen idol.

Now that you know a bit about Creamy Mami, let’s get to know her even better with her workout videos, which are being called “Creamy Exercises”. First up, we have the beginners’ video, which is set to the opening song “Delicate ni Suki Shite” (“Fall In Love Delicately”).

Next up, we have the intermediate “Love Sarigenaku” (“Love Nonchalantly”).

And to finish up we have the “Magical Gymnastics” set to the ending theme from the first series, “Pajama no mama de” (“Staying in my Pyjamas”).

The ’80s anime flair is strong in these videos, with Mami’s CG update created by virtual modelling specialists Gugenka, in conjunction with Creamy Mami’s original animation studio Pierrot and marketing firm east field. The collaboration aims to provide some brightness to people’s lives during these worrying times, and Mami’s original creator, manga artist Akemi Takada has given her blessing to the project, praising the character’s movements and other details like her eyelashes, which she says adds cuteness to the character.

Mami’s original voice actress, Takako Ota, is also on board with the project, providing her vocals for the exercise videos, with dance and choreography provided by Shizuka Hirata, known in the business as”Crazy Shizuka” (pictured below).

Creamy Mami’s devoted following is still strong today, almost 40 years after she first made her debut. After receiving a 35th anniversary spin-off manga back in 2018, there’s nothing this magical anime girl can’t conquer or adapt to, and we can all take heart from her positive attitude and longevity, especially now that there’s a new normal waiting for us to adapt to too.

Source, images: PR Times
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