“One, two, three! One, two, three! One, two, three!”

Instant noodle company Nissin is no stranger to making wild commercials that leave viewers demanding more.

The company’s new Mysterious Meat Bowl (the contents of which actually aren’t that mysterious) is set to be released on December 3, which coincidentally falls on the same day as when Sony first unleashed the original Playstation to the world 24 years ago.

In an unlikely collaboration between the giants of instant food and electronics industries, Nissin has aired a parody commercial that pays homage to the console that swept a generation off their feet.

▼ We need more collaborations like these.

▼ The classic Playstation logo was altered from “PS” to “ND”,
which stands for “NazonikuDon” (“Mysterious Meat Bowl”).

▼ That fervent chanting can be infectious.

▼ Shaking the package results in the pieces of mysterious meat rising to the top, and is
referred to as the “Brazil nut effect.” We’re not making this up, that’s what they say!

▼ The longer version of the video adds a few more scenes.

▼ Here is the original PlayStation ad, which also involved
three impatient office workers ritualistically slamming their tables with fists.

The good news is that December 3 will not only welcome Nissin’s Mysterious Meat Bowl, but also heralds the revival of Sony’s flagship console in the form of PlayStation Classic, a platform that emulates awesome vintage games like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Grand Theft Auto and Parasite Eve.

▼ Sony has since remade their own commercial in high-definition quality.

Nissin’s parody video hit some nostalgic notes for Japanese netizens:

“I love these kinds of parodies. I’m glad Sony gave them the green light.”
“They must have had loads of fun making this video.”
“Whether you enjoy the video or not depends on the generation you were born in.”
“Nissin’s commercials are awesome.”
“What a fantastic collaboration.”

Nissin is not one to shy away from huge collaborations in their ads, the famous Final Fantasy XV cup noodle ad being yet another example.

The office worker’s rhythmic “One, two, three!” chanting and fevered fist slamming may continue to ring in our heads for some time, but only time will tell if it will sweep viewers into a new era like what Sony did with their flagship console.

Source: YouTube/Official Nissin Foods Group Channel, YouTube/Playstation Japan via Hachima Kiko
Images: YouTube/Official Nissin Foods Group Channel