Put together by the XV development team, this is being billed by its producers as the first-ever official mashup TV commercial in the history of Final Fantasy.

It was just a few days ago that we heard news of a possible collaboration between Final Fantasy XV and Nissin, the maker of Cup Noodles. After the developers of XV, Square Enix, received a delivery of ramen to congratulate their hard-working team on the game’s release, they responded by promising to return the favour with a special collaborative commercial. We didn’t have to wait long to find out what type of ad they had in mind, because the “CUP NOODLE XV” PR team have now revealed all the details of the collaboration, with the arrival of the special commercial below.

The first half of the clip, endorsed with the Square Enix logo, shows the current ad for the game, while the second half, which opens with the noodle maker’s name, Nissin Shokuhin, shows Cup Noodles “bringing chaos” to the ad, which features some of the game’s famous scenes. In this part of the video, characters like Ardyn and Luna are pictured holding the well-known instant snack.



▼ Regis can now be seen telling an oversized cup of noodles to stand tall.


▼ While Noctis is surrounded by forks with the noodles on his head.


▼ In a particularly dramatic moment, our heroes defend Cup Noodles against the flames.


▼ Could the mystery meat in Cup Noodles actually be made from Leviathan?


To coincide with the release of the new commercial, Nissin will be offering a box of 15 different Cup Noodle varieties to 150 lucky customers who enter a competition on the newly created Cup Noodle XV website.


While the noodles don’t appear with any special limited-edition packaging, unfortunately, the 15 “characters” to be won still look delicious.


Nissin and Square Enix enjoy a close relationship both professionally and geographically, given that the two companies are located a short four-minute walk from each other in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighbourhood. This new collaboration is actually said to have been created out of their “neighbourly friendship” for each other.

▼ Square Enix is located at Shinjuku 6-27-30, while Nissin is at Shinjuku 6-28-1.

What started as an in-game collaboration featuring Cup Noodles looks set to grow even stronger now, given this latest promotion. The campaign website even reveals that another 30-second “Special Edition” commercial will be arriving soon, so there’s still more to look forward to from these two iconic Japanese companies!

Source, images: Nissin Press Release