Home gadget meant for decoration doubles as Naruto’s Rasengan!

Remember how we as kids used to run around pretending to shoot out fireballs from our hands like heroes from an anime? The good thing is, some toys like the Dragon Ball Kamehameha Ball still let us experience the sensation of firing off a crackling burst of power.

And it appears that another option has arrived for those aspiring to keep the dream of wielding fireballs alive. Japanese Twitter user @chiakichi_tirol was busy browsing inventions in Ogaki Mini Maker Faire 2018, an event that showcased digital science original creations, when he spotted a fascinating device that rapidly spun fiber optic cables.

▼ Cupping his hands over one,
he realized he now held a spinning ball of energy in his hands…

▼ …which very much resembled the Rasengan,
one of Naruto’s signature moves.

▼ Changing the color to orange made it look even better.

Called micRokuro, the 3-D printed gadget consists of a cylinder case that houses a motor and light source, with a bunch of fiber optic cables sticking out of it. Its original intent was to be used for indoor decorative purposes.

▼ Colored light is shone into fiber optic cables and whirled at high speeds…

▼ …producing brilliant and artful displays that will spiff up any location.

▼ They also look gorgeous in photographs.

Each micRokuro unit comes in at 8,000 yen (US$71), and though its colorful display would no doubt spice up an otherwise drab room, some people may prefer the smaller hand-held version for some really fancy churning fireball action.

▼ The hand-held version costs 7,000 yen
and would make an excellent cosplay prop.

▼ Color adjustments can be made using a knob on the side.
What a mesmerizing toy!

Japanese netizens were thrilled at the prospect of having their very own Rasengan in their hands.

“It’s so beautiful! Now I want a Rasengan, too!”
“My heart is burning with passion now.”
“That’s a Rasengan!”
“That is an A-rank jutsu right there.”
“It looks like a Kamehameha fireball gathering energy.”

Although both versions of the micRokuro can be purchased from the inventor’s website here, orders will only be shipped out in March 2019 as the team currently has their hands full dealing with a spike in demand.

If owning a cool Rasengan is up your alley, then the micRokuro will certainly satisfy that need. Tossing or hurling it around might be out of the question though, but that is what the Street Fighter plushie hadoken fireball is for.

Source: Twitter/@chiakichi_tirol, Katoboko via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@MimisukeKATO
Insert images: Katoboko