We doubt there’s anyone who’s ever played (or even heard of) Street Fighter that hasn’t wished they could throw their own “hadoken” fireballs. Even if Ryu isn’t your favorite fighter, you have to admit, his special projectile move is nothing short of awesome. It looks awesome, sounds awesome, and is awesome to use!

While we still haven’t perfected our ki-energy-throwing technology, we do have good news for all you hadoken-lovers! You can now preorder this 12-inch plush hadoken to beat up all your enemies with, one soft projectile at a time!

With a planned release date of December 2015, these plush toys might be just the weapon you need to take down Santa Claus and keep all the toys for yourself!

▼ “Naughty or nice doesn’t matter when you have hadoken powers!”


Nine inches long and 12 inches in diameter, these plushes are made of a soft “cotton polyester blend,” so you can use it as a pillow after defeating all your foes.

▼ “You did quite well, but you need more training to defeat me or my plushie!”


The toy is being produced by Multiverse Studio Inc. and will retail for US$24.99, which is a bit more that we expected. On the other hand, can you really put a price on one of the coolest special moves in gaming history?

Well, yes, twenty-five dollars, but you get our meaning!

▼ Just shut up and take our money!


Now you only have a few months to perfect your hadoken-throwing form, so get to work! But be careful who you use it on—it would be a shame if you missed and your opponent ran off with it!

Sources: Multiverse Studio Inc. via Jin115
Images: Multiverse Studio Inc.