These Dragon Ball accessories will send your power level skyrocketing.

Just mere mention of the words “Dragon Ball” is enough to summon an image of Goku winding up a huge Kamehameha wave. While it may seem that the closest we’ll ever get to becoming the protagonist of the action-packed series is through virtual reality, Japanese toy maker Bandai proves to us that it’s not a distant dream after all with two recently-released products.

The Flying Nimbus cushion (8,000 yen, US$71.43) is shaped like Goku’s cloud that he uses to zip around the world. Measuring 100 centimeters (39 inches) in length, it turns out this fluffy cloud isn’t so little after all.

▼ Touted as the biggest Flying Nimbus product ever made,
this would make even Goku jealous.

▼ Read your favorite Dragon Ball manga
while lounging on your very own cloud.

▼ This would be a welcome addition
to any Dragon Ball cosplay.

Besides also having limitless potential as a prop for fart jokes, this squishy cushion is a great accessory for any home. That’s not all though, as Bandai has another merchandise up its sleeve to complete the Goku experience that everyone deserves.

Equipped with touch sensors, the Kamehameha Ball (4,104 yen, US$36.64) lights up when held in your hand. It also vibrates and emits impressive sounds befitting a pulsing ball of spiritual energy.

▼ The handy wrist strap ensures you don’t drop your
Kamehameha in the heat of combat, which would be really embarrassing.

It’s not just any ball with flashing lights and vibrations though, as it comes packed with three modes that feel distinct from one another: the two-handed style Kamehameha, the weaker but faster one-handed Kidan, and the immensely powerful Spirit Bomb. These techniques have to be properly executed too, adding another layer of complexity.

Take the Kamehameha mode for instance. Cradling the globe in your hands will emit sounds of crackling energy, and maintaining that pose will upgrade your Kamehameha upgrade to level two with even cooler sound effects. Charge it for too long though, and the ball will dim and abruptly go silent, signalling that the energy you labored so hard to gather has fizzled out. To prevent an annoyed Goku from berating you with a “What are you doing!?” you’ll have to physically thrust your arms out as if you’re actually firing off a Kamehameha, which will result in a satisfying explosion.

▼ The Kamehameha Ball contains
more than 60 phrases and 30 sounds.

No one is born an expert at slinging energy balls though, so Goku’s voice in practice mode guides you through how to fire off his signature move. Just chant along, cradle the ball in a powerful stance, and fire off the perfect Kamehameha.

Finally, training mode is where it gets really interesting. It’s like a vocal minigame of sorts, where Goku will randomly spout instructions for you to shoot consecutive Kidan at enemies, wait briefly, or fire off a single shot. It’s game over if you input movements incorrectly three times, but continuous success lets you unlock higher levels of Kamehameha (up to level four) and Spirit Bombs (up to level three) for future use.

Each upgrade features even cooler explosions, so it’s something that all aspiring Super Saiyans should work towards. Through Goku’s voice in training mode, you will also get to encounter classic Dragon Ball villains like Frieza who can only be defeated by flawlessly executing the appropriate Kamehameha or Spirit Bomb.

▼ A commercial for the Kamehameha Ball.

The Flying Nimbus cushion and Kamehameha Ball are both available online at Premium Bandai.

Equip yourself with a squishy cloud and a pulsating ball of energy in your hands, and you’ll find no place unreachable, no foe too formidable. With enough practice, you might even rack up more kills than Goku himself.

Source: Premium Bandai via @Press
Images: @Press