If you’re planning to attend Winter Comiket this year, be sure to drop by their booth for some valuable cosmetic tips.

December 29 is fast approaching; the day when anime fans, manga fans and cosplayers gather for the immense biannual convention known as Winter Comiket. A plethora of goods are on offer, but cosplay enthusiasts will have something extra to look forward to this time around.

Cosmetics company Kate has sought out five talented cosplayers and tapped into their vast experience to produce a range of cosplay cosmetics, as well as a special makeup handbook that will be given to all attendees who visit their booth at Tokyo Big Sight for free.

▼ From left to right, the professional cosplayers featured on the book are
Will, Kasho Rochelle, Itsuki Akira, Eiri and Momotsuki Nashiko.

▼ The crew of five are depicted as original characters comprising princes and princesses who will guide you through the complex world of cosplay makeup.

▼ Even if you’re not a cosplay fan, the booklet is worth picking up for its gorgeous designs.

▼ It comes packed with handy makeup techniques used by cosplayers.

▼ Kate is also promoting its ST series of products that will help you get started in becoming your dream character.

Frequently seen in the booklet is the star-studded cast of professional cosplayers, whom you may meet should you decide to pay a visit to their booth.

▼ Itsuki Akira is a professional who has appeared on television
and has been invited to international events in over ten countries.

▼ Kasho Rochelle has helped produce maid cafes and
collaborated with various fashion brands.

▼ Dabbling in fashion design and illustration, Eiri is brimming with talent.

▼ Nurse and gravure model Momotsuki Nashiko is a versatile cosplayer
who has also been featured on television.

▼ Charming, suave and popular with the ladies,
Will is also part of a dance group and has been to numerous overseas events.

The exciting promotion marks Kate’s debut at the convention; a move that will undoubtedly help new cosplayers get their foot in the door. On top of the awesome free makeup handbook, Winter Comiket attendees have much to look forward to this year with all the quality anime and manga goods and fascinating costumes.

Images: PR Times

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