Design a truly unique keyboard just for you.

Whether it is giving your PC a beautiful makeover or installing a spunky dancing Hatsune Miku into a computer tower, part of the fun of computer customization is being able to fashion something that closely represents our personalities.

And although a ton of keyboards exist, those hoping to add an extra layer of personal flair might find it difficult to unless they know where to look. Fortunately, a keyboard specialist store called Yusha Kobo has just opened in Akihabara, allowing customers to build their own keyboard using a wide variety of kits.

“Good morning! Japan’s first DIY keyboard specialist store opens today at 10 a.m.”

▼ The shop is packed full of keycaps, accessories,
and kits of different colors and designs.

▼ Believe it or not, there are even keycaps with tiny fidget spinners attached.

▼ Install some cute emoticons for happy key-presses!

Aside from keyboard kits, you can also make gadgets like calculators too. One of the more fancy designs trending at the moment is a split keyboard, which separates the usually long hardware into two manageable sizes for the left and right hand.

▼ Shoppers can make use of the workspace and tools
to create and discuss cool layouts.

▼ This happy customer created a really fancy calculator…

▼ …while this dude went with a cool streamlined split keyboard.

Usage of the workspace is free for the month of January, but the shop will begin charging customers a flat rate of 500 yen (US$4.55) for two hours starting from February.

▼ Those not confident in their abilities can purchase pre-made custom keyboards, too.

Yusha Kobo is set to install 3D printers, UV printers, and laser cutters in spring, allowing enthusiasts to build their very own dream keyboard with rare layouts and decorative keycaps. With a little bit of skill, perhaps we might even be able to create projection mapping-enabled keyboards, too.

Store information
Yusha Kobo / 遊舎工房
Address: Tokyo 110-0005, Taito-ku, Ueno, 3-6-10
東京都台東区上野 3-6-10

Source: Twitter/@yushakobo via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@hecomi