Turtle-shaped train station in Japan features gigantic tortoise head sticking out of its roof

Recent snappy makeover may be just the thing it needs to attract more visitors.

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Adorable Shiba Inu and tortoise duo prove you don’t have to look alike to be best friends【Pics】

A shell-ebration of cross-species companionship.

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Sweater-wearing tortoises capture Japanese netizens’ hearts, leave them squealing with delight

As the weather gets colder, we’re all bundling up with new sweaters from grandma. They may be a little dorky looking, and they’re almost certainly itchy…but they keep us warm! And that’s the main point, right?

But while people are lucky to have such warm clothes, our animal friends have to make do with their birthday suits. While cats and dogs might not mind, we feel awfully sorry for our poor reptilian friends, like tortoises and lizards. We bet they wish they had some nice fluffy sweaters to snuggle up in this winter…

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The Perfect Pet: Video of Ultra-Obedient, Sweet-Smelling Tortoise Goes Viral

While cats and dogs remain the undisputed kings of the pet world, turtles and tortoises refuse to be outdone, and are steadily climbing the ranks.

With their cute little eyes and the way they stand proudly in the sunshine like those majestic statues often found outside shrines, there’s no denying that tortoises and turtles have a magical charm all of their own.

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