Will our reporter be able to polish off 1.4 kilograms (3 pounds) of grilled meat?

Meat is justice,” is a phrase our Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun loves to say whenever a craving for meat strikes him. And when those days came, he would casually saunter over to steakhouse franchise Ikinari Steak, where prime cuts of beef can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Perhaps not having juicy slabs of meat in recent memory was to blame for P.K.’s latest trip to Ikinari, when a primal urge to satisfy his carnivorous streak saw him buying the biggest steak that 10,000 yen (US$91) could afford.

▼ What a grand story to tell the kids one day.

One of the chain’s biggest selling points is the fact that they allow customers to freely choose their cuts and how big they want their steaks to be. This was a dream come true for meat-craving P.K., whose stomach was already growling, just from looking at the menu.

▼ He settled on the rib roast steak, which cost a cheap 6.9 yen (US$0.063) per gram.

He had misgivings about being able to order roughly 1.4 kilograms (3 pounds) of steak without warning, as what he truly desired was not two or three separate servings, but one gigantic meat slab that dreams were made out of.

Yet when he approached the staff with his unusual request, they smoothly replied, “Please be aware that it will take some time.” Almost as if they were used to such bizarre orders! P.K. felt his mouth salivating as he witnessed the staff carving off a huge piece and weighing it in front of him.

▼ “Now that is what I call a steak,” he nodded approvingly.

Cooking it took about 20 minutes, enough time for him to wonder if he had made the correct choice. After all, it was more than three times the size of a 450-gram piece. But when the finished product finally arrived perfectly seared and all, P.K. was convinced the god of steaks must have guided him here for this very moment.

▼ Because it was humongous!

▼ Could he fit this…thing… into his stomach!?

▼ Death by steak might not be such a bad idea, when you think about it.

▼ Slicing deeply into the hunk of meat, P.K. noted that the insides were still quite rare.

While he loved rare steak as much as the next person, that amount of raw meat would simply be too much for him to handle. Good thing the waiters were more than willing to provide him with hot plates to cook his beef further.

▼ Few were the days when P.K. could look down and see his plate filled with juicy steak.

It was a battle of endurance, of man versus meat, and when he finally polished off the last tender piece of beef, hands tired from cutting and stomach to the point of bursting, roughly one hour had passed. He did leave out some of the fatty bits though.

▼ Our brave reporter was done with meat for now.

It might take weeks before P.K. can bring himself to look at beef again, but it was one trip he would never forget. And certainly one of the best meals one could buy with 10,000 yen. The only thing that would even come close to this was when he stuffed himself full of tasty mussels at an Italian restaurant.

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