Ikinari Steak

Man vs. Steak: We band together to eat 4.5 kilograms of beef at Ikinari Steak

Will the power of four of our reporters be enough to vanquish 10 pounds of meat?

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We ordered the biggest steak we could buy with 10,000 yen at steakhouse chain Ikinari Steak

Will our reporter be able to polish off 1.4 kilograms (3 pounds) of grilled meat?

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We try serving a steak in 8.6 seconds, turned out to be surprisingly erotic

The steakhouse chain Ikinari! Steak! is all the rage in Japan right now thanks to its unique method of cooking your steak immediately after you tell them how you want it. Combined with standing tables, it provides regular steakhouse quality meat at speeds that rival fast food joints.

It got our staff to thinking about how the speedy service of Ikinari! Steak! is so popular. If we, too, could get steak into the mouths of customers within just a few seconds of them ordering, then maybe we could get into the restaurant game and be even more successful.

And so, research into such a steak service was underway, but as often is the case with our research, things somehow devolved into a cheesy porno starring one of our male writers in a bikini.

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