Bulky boxes of wagyu beef can be yours with Japan’s rental frying pan/meat subscription service

Beef subscription service also comes with a legendary frying pan that had a three year waiting list.

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Can Japan’s one-person granite plate cooker take you to solo stone steak paradise? Let’s find out

Our favorite Japanese cooking gadget maker promises a premium steak dinner for one with no fuss.

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“Science of deliciousness” steak-and-coffee chips, developed by analysing human taste sensors

A whacky science experiment designed to engage all your taste receptors at the same time. 

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Nitori opens its first-ever restaurant in Japan

Japanese homewares giant follows in the footsteps of Ikea…but there are no Swedish meatballs here. 

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Man vs. Steak: We band together to eat 4.5 kilograms of beef at Ikinari Steak

Will the power of four of our reporters be enough to vanquish 10 pounds of meat?

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This ridiculously expensive Tokyo sandwich was worth every one of the 8,650 yen it cost us

Take-out from expensive restaurant in the most expensive part of Tokyo hurts the wallet, thrills the taste buds.

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We try to eat almost 9 pounds of food at a Nagoya spaghetti shop, succumb to the power of carbs

How much rice and pasta is too much rice and pasta?

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This is what a 8,500-yen (US$76) Tokyo bento beef boxed lunch looks like【Taste test】

Tokyo’s newest gourmet bento shop is open, and our stomachs (and wallet) are ready.

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Cup Noodle makers successfully create lab-grown diced steak with authentic texture

It may not look much like steak, but researchers say it will taste just as good.

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We ordered the biggest steak we could buy with 10,000 yen at steakhouse chain Ikinari Steak

Will our reporter be able to polish off 1.4 kilograms (3 pounds) of grilled meat?

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This is what a 10,000-yen (US$92) Tokyo bento boxed lunch looks like【Taste test】

It’s more than 10 times more expensive than a typical bento, but is this Tokyo Station luxury worth the price?

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Here’s the most inspirational steak you’ll ever see, from Yoshinobu Saito

You might have to stare at it a while to see why, but the signature ought to be a big give-away.

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Akihabara restaurant Dante’s 10-buck steak: delicious, and so divinely cheap it feels like a sin

Splurging on tech toys in Tokyo doesn’t mean you have to skip steak for lunch and dinner.

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We try the latest Pringles flavours released in Japan

The taste of New York and eggs come delivered in a can for a limited time.

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Failed your important entrance exams? That’s too bad–here’s a steak to make you feel better

For the second year in a row, this chain of Kyoto butcher shops is offering a bittersweet deal to those whose dreams were dashed.
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We try serving a steak in 8.6 seconds, turned out to be surprisingly erotic

The steakhouse chain Ikinari! Steak! is all the rage in Japan right now thanks to its unique method of cooking your steak immediately after you tell them how you want it. Combined with standing tables, it provides regular steakhouse quality meat at speeds that rival fast food joints.

It got our staff to thinking about how the speedy service of Ikinari! Steak! is so popular. If we, too, could get steak into the mouths of customers within just a few seconds of them ordering, then maybe we could get into the restaurant game and be even more successful.

And so, research into such a steak service was underway, but as often is the case with our research, things somehow devolved into a cheesy porno starring one of our male writers in a bikini.

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Looking for a great meal in Tokyo? Try this cigarette stand

When starting a restaurant, creating a good appearance is important. In a way, the look of an eatery reflects the quality of food that it serves. Looks can be deceptive, however, as just like people, the beauty of a restaurant might be limited to the surface.

The opposite also holds true, though, as our own Mr. Sato learned during an excursion to the Dogenzaka area of Tokyo. Inside this unassuming cigarette stand that you wouldn’t even realize was a restaurant, he found one of the best meals he ever had.

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Our reporter tries an English take on a Japanese classic: Miso soup…with beef and kale

Miso soup: the quintessential Japanese food. The soup takes on a different form from region to region and in different households throughout Japan, but it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that miso soup is the soul of Japanese cooking.

However, one of England’s top chefs recently published his own take on the soup. What kind of “neo-Japanese soup” could this possibly be!? Of course, our reporter just had to find out by making it herself–keep reading to see the results of her cooking after the jump.

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An American steakhouse bid in a private Japanese wagyu beef auction for the first time

On Monday night about two dozen journalists, steak-enthusiasts and all-around hungry people gathered in a private room at Old Homestead Steakhouse in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District to enjoy an experience months in the making.

For the first time ever, Americans were about to dine on the highest quality Japanese Wagyu steak purchased at one of the country’s exclusive beef auctions. Greg Sherry, a co-owner of Old Homestead along with his brother Marc, traveled to Japan’s Gunma prefecture to bid on some beef and bring it back home.

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Defrost a steak in 5 minutes without using heat or the microwave? What is this sorcery!?【Video】

Buying in bulk and freezing some of your purchase to cook another day is a great way to save money. But the problem with freezing things is that then you have to unfreeze them. That’s right, my friend. We need to talk about defrosting.

If I told you there was a super-fast way to defrost meat that doesn’t require a heat source, a microwave, or even hot water, you’d probably think I’d been drinking too much Lemon Coke or something. But, dear reader, never again will you feel depressed about the single-person servings lined up neatly in your freezer. Never again will a good steak go to waste for want of an eater. Never again. And it’s all thanks to the magic of physics. Yes. Magic.

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